Duguid in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Duguid
James Duguid
Alexander Duguid
George Duguid
Robert Duguid
John Duguid
Harry Duguid
Francis Duguid
Ernest Duguid
David Duguid
Willm. Duguid
Simpson Duguid
Rober Duguid
Percy Duguid
Falkland Duguid
Edward Duguid
Alexr. Duguid
Peter Duguid

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Duguid
Charlotte Duguid
Jessie Duguid
Jane Duguid
Emily Duguid
Mary Duguid
Margaret Duguid
Isabella Duguid
Betsy Duguid
Lilian Duguid
Eleanor Duguid
Maria Duguid
Maggie Duguid
Lillian Duguid
Annie Duguid
Alice Duguid
Hilda Duguid
Rosa Duguid
Eliza Duguid
Clemintina Duguid
Catherine Duguid
Louisa Duguid
Bathis Duguid
Ann Duguid
Janett Duguid
Florence Duguid
Matilda Duguid

Top occupations

Leather Boot Clicker
Merchants Comm Clerk
Painter & Decorator
Paper Bag Maker
Printer Compositor
Railway Accountant Clerk
Reader For The Press (Printer)
Retired Mariner
Saw Trimmer
Saw Trimmers Wife
Scholar In National School
Ship Joiner (Ship Bldr)
Insurance Agent
House Decorator
Assistant Schoolmistress
Brass Finisher
Captn Merchant Service
Captns Wife
Civil Engineer
Comb Maker
Commercial Clerk
Drapers Traveller
Gen Serv
General Serv
Granite Polisher Stone Mason
House & Parlour Maid Domestic
South American Mercht