Duller in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Duller
John Duller
Charles Duller
George Duller
Arthur Duller
Joseph Duller
James Duller
Harry Duller
Geo. Duller
Denis Duller
Alexander Duller
Thomas Duller
Henry Duller
Edward Duller
David Duller
Walter Duller

Top female forenames

Mary Duller
Emma Duller
Eliza Duller
Elizabeth Duller
Rose Duller
Hannah Duller
Flora Duller
Edith Duller
Selena Duller
Betsy Duller
Ann Duller
Phillis Duller
Martha Duller
Julia Duller
Francis Duller
Susan Duller
Caroline Duller
Sah.Ann Duller
Belinda Duller
Rebecca Duller
Margaret Duller

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Lace Maker
Ag Labourer
Publican & Ag Lab
Publican & Ag Lab Wife
Superintendent Contractor Represent
(Paper) Factory Laborer
Labourer At Cement Works
General Servant
Gen Lab
Field Work
Coal Miner
Agri Laborer
(Straw) Hat Finisher
To Old For Work