Dulley in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Henry Dulley
William Dulley
David Dulley
Joseph Dulley
James Dulley
John Dulley
Frederick Dulley
Francis Dulley
Benjamin Dulley
George Dulley
Richard Dulley
Albert Dulley
Herbert Dulley
Henery Dulley
Thomas Dulley
Paul Dulley
Nellie Dulley
Archibold Dulley
Frank Dulley
Ernest Dulley
Charles Dulley
Oscar Dulley
Arthur Dulley
M.P. Dulley

Top female forenames

Louisa Dulley
Jane Dulley
Elizabeth Dulley
Mary Dulley
Ellen Dulley
Eliza Dulley
Kate Dulley
Charlotte Dulley
Florence Dulley
Sarah Dulley
Alice Dulley
Martha Dulley
Emily Dulley
Maria Dulley
Alace Dulley
Marian Dulley
Louise Dulley
Edith Dulley
Hilda Dulley
Catherine Dulley
Gertrude Dulley
Betsy Dulley
Anna Dulley
Evelyn Dulley
Eleanor Dulley
Jessie Dulley
Clara Dulley
Irene Dulley
Cecile Dulley
Harriett Dulley
Caroline Dulley
Frances Dulley
Annie Dulley
Susannah Dulley
Flora Dulley
Ammy Dulley
Ethel Dulley

Top occupations

Scholar (Boarder)
Boot Maker
Brewers Daughter
Mission Pr Pr. Ch Of England
Market Gardener (Farmer) (Employing 3 Men 2 Boys 1 Woman) (7 Acres)
Life & Fire Insurance Office
Iron Worker
Income From Dividends
Plate Layer
Pupil Teacher British School
Retired Baker
Retired Market Gardener
Retired Medical Practitioner F.R.C.S. London L.A.C. M.R.C.S.
Stone Mason
Student Of Pharmacy
Housekeeper (D S)
Grocers Assistant
Grocer & Master
Architect (Apprentice)
Baker & Confectioner
Boot Binder
Box Maker Wood
Brewers Pupil
Brewers Widow
Builder & Decorator
Comml Clerk & Cashier To Commission Salesman In Meat Market
Cook Domes Serv
Domestic Servant
Drapers Assistant
Fancy Box Maker (Pap)
Grocer & Draper
Wood Sawyer