Dundas in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dundas
Robert Dundas
Charles Dundas
William Dundas
Thomas Dundas
James Dundas
Alexander Dundas
Henry Dundas
Frederick Dundas
George Dundas
Albert Dundas
Lawrence Dundas
Hugh Dundas
Fred Dundas
Laurence Dundas
Colin Dundas
Benjamin Dundas
Willm. Dundas
Alfred Dundas
Wedderburn Dundas
Gibson Dundas
Fredrick Dundas
Richard Dundas
Mordaunt Dundas
Francis Dundas
Cospatrick Dundas
Laurance Dundas
Claud Dundas
Jean Dundas
Benjn.W. Dundas
Wm. Dundas
Andrew Dundas
Harold Dundas
Vicent Dundas
Alan Dundas
Fredk.Jas. Dundas
Ralph Dundas
Lorcago Dundas
David Dundas

Top female forenames

Mary Dundas
Jane Dundas
Margaret Dundas
Elizabeth Dundas
Ann Dundas
Alice Dundas
Eliza Dundas
Louisa Dundas
Florence Dundas
Catherine Dundas
Ellen Dundas
Georgina Dundas
Annie Dundas
Evelyn Dundas
Ada Dundas
Charlotte Dundas
Rise Dundas
Caroline Dundas
Lilian Dundas
Olivia Dundas
Ariabel Dundas
Katherine Dundas
Fanny Dundas
Milly Dundas
Jessie Dundas
Ethelred Dundas
Matilda Dundas
Emily Dundas
Marion Dundas
Adelaide Dundas
Isabella Dundas
Elizebeth Dundas
Margarett Dundas
Horatia Dundas
M.E. Dundas
Helen Dundas
Christina Dundas
Gertrude Dundas
Sophie Dundas
Lillies Dundas
Frances Dundas
Phebe Dundas
Bredalbane Dundas
Laura Dundas
Flora Dundas
Nellie Dundas
Kate Dundas
Maud Dundas
Amy Dundas
Janet Dundas

Top occupations

Gentlewoman From Consulate
No Occupation
Labourer Ironworks
Female Returner Post Office
Coal Miner
Laborer General
Income From Property
Income From Interest Of Money
Lady Medical Rubber
Income From Funds
Housemaid (Domestic)
Lady Supt Inst
Vicar Of St Mathews Church
Iron Works Lab Unemp
Journeyman Painter
Joiners Apprentice
J.P.For The Parts Of Lindsey
Ironmongers Apprentice
Iron Works Labourer
House Carpenter
Cook (Dom)
Comb Maker
Colonel Retired
Coach Body Trimmer
Clerk To Brick & Tile Compy
C Sergt
Benedictine Nun
Corporal X 1 (P A O) Hussars
Countess Of Zetland
Helper In House
General Servant
French Polisher
Formerly Damsk Weaver
Factor & Commissioner
Ex Infantry Officer
Engine Fitter At Work
Earl Of Zetland (1/1)