Dunlavey in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dunlavey
Patrick Dunlavey
James Dunlavey
Thomas Dunlavey
Michael Dunlavey
Francis Dunlavey
Charles Dunlavey
William Dunlavey
Nathan Dunlavey
Martin Dunlavey
Frederick Dunlavey
Edward Dunlavey
Brian Dunlavey
Patk. Dunlavey
George Dunlavey

Top female forenames

Mary Dunlavey
Bridget Dunlavey
Ann Dunlavey
Margaret Dunlavey
Sarah Dunlavey
Elizabeth Dunlavey
Catherine Dunlavey
Susanna Dunlavey
Ellen Dunlavey
Eliza Dunlavey
Anne Dunlavey
Alice Dunlavey
Margt. Dunlavey
Isabella Dunlavey
Annie Dunlavey

Top occupations

Masons Labourer
Working In Brickyard
Working In Fields
N/Oc Labourer For Mason
Potter Warehouse Boy
Puddler (Iron Manuf)
Puddler (Iron)
Puddler At Iron Works
Rover At Cotton Mill
Works In Marine Stores
Tailor Seam
Washer Woman
Wife Of Furnaceman
Working In Shipyard
Ag Lab
Mule Spinner (Cotton)
Labourer Bricklayer
Agricultual Labourer
Bobbin Carrier At Cotton Mill
Card Room Cotton Mill
Coke Drawer
Cotton Creeler
Cotton Minder
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Weaver
Factory Worker (Wor)
Farm Labour
Furniceman (Glass)
House Keeper
Ironworker Labourer
Labourer (Masons)
Worsted Spinner