Dunnell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dunnell
George Dunnell
John Dunnell
Thomas Dunnell
Arthur Dunnell
Charles Dunnell
James Dunnell
Harry Dunnell
Joseph Dunnell
Henry Dunnell
Walter Dunnell
Edward Dunnell
Daniel Dunnell
Frederick Dunnell
Albert Dunnell
Ernest Dunnell
Christopher Dunnell
Barnaby Dunnell
Jeremiah Dunnell
Abbott Dunnell
Esau Dunnell
Robert Dunnell
Peter Dunnell
Barnabas Dunnell
Geo. Dunnell
Francis Dunnell
Thos. Dunnell
Robt. Dunnell
Douglas Dunnell
Richard Dunnell

Top female forenames

Mary Dunnell
Eliza Dunnell
Sarah Dunnell
Alice Dunnell
Hannah Dunnell
Harriet Dunnell
Martha Dunnell
Jane Dunnell
Bertha Dunnell
Emily Dunnell
Amelia Dunnell
Agnes Dunnell
Emma Dunnell
Ellen Dunnell
Amy Dunnell
Hanah Dunnell
Susannah Dunnell
Flora Dunnell
Ada Dunnell
Ruth Dunnell
Richanda Dunnell
Elizth. Dunnell
Minnie Dunnell
Edia Dunnell
Jeanie Dunnell
Caroline Dunnell
Isabella Dunnell
Anne Dunnell
Florence Dunnell
Rose Dunnell
Pollie Dunnell
Elizabeth Dunnell
Edith Dunnell
Maria Dunnell
Daisy Dunnell

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Shoe Rivetter
Printers Machine Manager
Dress Maker
Errand Boy
Domestic Servant
Lodging House Keeper
Formerly Labourers Wife
Farmer & Blacksmith Wife
Farmer & Blacksmith
Machinist (Boot)
Encaustic Tile Earthen Manufacturer Employing 53 Men 26 Youths And 15 Women
Worsted Weaver
Gardener (M)
General Laborer
General Labourer
General Servant
House Keeper
Mail Cart Driver
Lab Lead Smelting Works
Lab Wife
Labourers Wife
Lead Smelter
House Painter
Dress Binder
Domestic Coachmans Wife
Brewers Laborer
Brass Finisher
Bootmaker Employer Of 2 Men
Boot Machinist
Boot Finisher
Boot Binder
Book Folder Binder
Black Smith
Carter For A Tea Warehouse
Cashier (Clerk)
Domestic Coachman
Commercial Clerk (Wool)
Coal Miner
Coach Trimmers Apprentice
Clock Maker
Clerk In Post Office
Chemical Lab