Durand in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Durand
Francis Durand
Alfred Durand
Philip Durand
Charles Durand
William Durand
Peter Durand
Edward Durand
Arthur Durand
Walter Durand
James Durand
Agustus Durand
Thomas Durand
Henri Durand
Randolphe Durand
George Durand
Paul Durand
Emile Durand
Oscar Durand
Louis Durand
Anthony Durand
Lenord Durand
Anatoli Durand
Jean Durand
Alexis Durand
Victor Durand
Jacques Durand
A. Durand
Reginald Durand
Havilland Durand
Ralph Durand
Frederick Durand
Ernest Durand
Patrick Durand
Marcel Durand
Loepold Durand
Ange Durand
Willis Durand

Top female forenames

Mary Durand
Annie Durand
Maria Durand
Caroline Durand
Florence Durand
Mabel Durand
Kate Durand
Sarah Durand
Agnes Durand
Ethel Durand
Louisa Durand
Julia Durand
Eliza Durand
Honorine Durand
Minia Durand
Helen Durand
Albertine Durand
Maud Durand
Georgiana Durand
Marrie Durand
Margaret Durand
Eugenie Durand
Emily Durand
Elizabeth Durand
Jenny Durand
Edith Durand
Hortense Durand
C.F. Durand
Muriel Durand
Helene Durand
Alice Durand
May Durand
Grace Durand
Franceline Durand
Flora Durand
Magdalen Durand
Ellen Durand
Ida Durand
Pauline Durand

Top occupations

Gen Lb
Dress Maker
Pen Trade
Physician & Surgeon Licentiate Of R.Col Of Surg & Phys Edinburgh
Retired Cook
Merchant French Woolen Goods
Medical Man (Physician)
Roman Catholic Clerk O S F
Sail Maker
Watchmaker Finisher
Vicar Of Earley
Teacher Of Languages
Teacher Of French
Tailors Apprentice
Stained Glass Worker
Soldier Infantry
Master Tailor Employing 6 Men & 1 Boy
Lieut Col Active List Bombay Staff Corps 10th Regt Bombay Light Infantry
Cook Domestic Serv
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Clerk
Commercal Traveller
Clerk At Benefit Society
Clergyman Roman Catholic
Designers Apprentice
Governess (School Mistress)
Governess (Private)
General Serv Domestic
General Agent
Gen Dom Serv
Engineers Apprentice
Drapery Assistant Unemployed
Domestic Servant (Nurse)
Cabnet Maker