Durell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Durell
Charles Durell
Henry Durell
Edward Durell
Joseph Durell
Thomas Durell
Richard Durell
David Durell
James Durell
William Durell
Alfred Durell
George Durell
Frank Durell
H. Durell
Frederick Durell
Francis Durell
Ernest Durell
Daniel Durell
J.P.L.Durell Durell
Arthur Durell
Harold Durell
W.Le Durell
Sydney Durell
Esau Durell
Robert Durell
R.D. Durell
Clarence Durell
Bertie Durell
Amice Durell
Albert Durell
Samul Durell
Edmund Durell
R. Durell

Top female forenames

Mary Durell
Elizabeth Durell
Jane Durell
Maria Durell
Sarah Durell
Louisa Durell
Martha Durell
Susan Durell
Emma Durell
Eliza Durell
E. Durell
Amy Durell
Clara Durell
Sophia Durell
Alice Durell
Agnes Durell
Maude Durell
Ellen Durell
Adelaide Durell
Eleonore Durell
Sophiah Durell
J. Durell
Charlotte Durell
Hannah Durell
Anne Durell
Rebecca Durell
Florence Durell
Rachael Durell
Esther Durell
Albina Durell
Philip Durell
Emelia Durell
Adele Durell
Maud Durell
Ada Durell
Elise Durell
Madelin Durell
Eleanor Durell
Hester Durell
Caroline Durell
Rose Durell
Georgiana Durell
Ann Durell
Rachel Durell
Ethel Durell
Phoebe Durell

Top occupations

Dividends Canal Shares & C
Farmers Son
Retired Farmer
Quarry Man
Packing Case Makers Wife
Publican & Joiner
Joiners Wife
Inmate Of Seckford Alms Houses
Rector of Fulbourn
Income From Land
Income From Bonds
House Keeper
Landed Proprieter
Lodging Ho Keeper
Packing Case Maker
Nurse Dom Servt
Nurse (Sub Med)
Medical Student
Packing Cases Maker
Manager To Packing Case Maker (Carpenter)
Lodging Housekeeper
Cow Keeper
Case Maker (Carpenter)
Carpenter Journeyman
Box Maker
Bond Holder
Barrister At Law
Bakers Clerk
Watchmaker (Em)
Farm Laborer
General Servt
General Merchant Employing 13 Men & 4 Boys
General Merchant
Fret Cutter (Cab Mkr)
Fish Porter
Farmer Of 501 Acres Employing 14 Men & 4 Boys
Farmer Of 40 Acres
Farmer Of 100 Acres