Durnford in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Durnford
George Durnford
John Durnford
Henry Durnford
Edward Durnford
Arthur Durnford
James Durnford
Charles Durnford
Thomas Durnford
Robert Durnford
Philip Durnford
Frederick Durnford
Harry Durnford
Walter Durnford
Alfred Durnford
Francis Durnford
Edwin Durnford
Thos. Durnford
Daniel Durnford
Albert Durnford
Ernest Durnford
Wm. Durnford
Edmund Durnford
Chas.E. Durnford
Gertrude Durnford
Aur. Durnford
Frek. Durnford
Leonard Durnford
Frederic Durnford
Abraham Durnford
J. Durnford
Ingle Durnford
W.G. Durnford
Hugh Durnford
Earl Durnford
Herbert Durnford
Samuel Durnford
Reuben Durnford
Maton Durnford
Joseph Durnford
Frank Durnford
Isaac Durnford
Edwd. Durnford
Hy. Durnford
Tom Durnford
Horace Durnford
Douglas Durnford

Top female forenames

Mary Durnford
Sarah Durnford
Elizabeth Durnford
Harriet Durnford
Jane Durnford
Eliza Durnford
Alice Durnford
Frances Durnford
Caroline Durnford
Ann Durnford
Clara Durnford
Louisa Durnford
Emma Durnford
Annie Durnford
Ellen Durnford
Fanny Durnford
Charlotte Durnford
Kate Durnford
Elizth. Durnford
Florence Durnford
Martha Durnford
Amelia Durnford
Hannah Durnford
Eleanor Durnford
Mabel Durnford
Lucy Durnford
Emily Durnford
Anne Durnford
Maria Durnford
Grace Durnford
Rosina Durnford
Lydia Durnford
Rachel Durnford
Julia Durnford
Hester Durnford
Anna Durnford
Harriett Durnford
Winifred Durnford
Susan Durnford
Margaret Durnford
Agnes Durnford
Guy Durnford
E.A.M.G. Durnford
Ada Durnford
Rosie Durnford
Constance Durnford
Rebecca Durnford
Laura Durnford
Eugenie Durnford
Phoebe Durnford

Top occupations

No Occupation
Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
General Serv
Engine Fitter At Works
No Profession
Daughter Of The Late Gen E W Durnford
Agricultural Laborer
Income From Dividends
General Laborer
Gardener (Dom)
General Shop Keeper
General Servant Unemployed
Farm Carter
Farm Serv
Farm Serv Wife
Formerly Innkeeper
General Clerk
General & Colonel Commandant Royal Engineers (Retd List)
Gas Fitter
Gardener Wife
Coachman Domestic Serv
Dom Servant Housemaid
Carter Ag Lab
Builder Retired
Boots & Ostler Inn Serv
Assistant Master And M A Camb
Wife Of Retired Merchant
Companion (Dom Serv)
Despinser Medical (Assist)
Cooper Journeyman
Cook Domestic Serv
Cook Domestic
Cook Dom
Cook (Domestic)