Durnin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Peter Durnin
John Durnin
Henry Durnin
Nicholas Durnin
James Durnin
Bernard Durnin
Walter Durnin
Patrick Durnin
Joseph Durnin
Jno. Durnin
Hugh Durnin
Charles Durnin

Top female forenames

Mary Durnin
Matilda Durnin
Maria Durnin
Margaret Durnin
Elizebeth Durnin
Ann Durnin
Rose Durnin
Margret Durnin
Ellen Durnin
Bridget Durnin

Top occupations

Book Binder
Sister Of Charity
Railway Porter
Plate Shiner Ironworks
Papermill Hand
Painters Labourer
Leather Currier
Labourer Widow
Hall Porter
General Lab
Gass Attender
Engine Man
Dock Porter (Serv)
Bricklayers Labourer