Durr in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Durr
Patrick Durr
Henry Durr
George Durr
Thomas Durr
Michael Durr
James Durr
William Durr
Mark Durr
Joseph Durr
Edward Durr
Christian Durr
Karl Durr
Frederick Durr
Christopher Durr
Thos. Durr
Roderick Durr
Noel Durr

Top female forenames

Mary Durr
Catherine Durr
Margaret Durr
Bridget Durr
Annie Durr
Kate Durr
Elizabeth Durr
Edith Durr
Anna Durr
Ethel Durr
Cathrine Durr
Anne Durr
Sarah Durr
Maria Durr
Lucia Durr
Jane Durr
Emma Durr

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Hosiery (Manuf)
Throstle Spinner In Cotton Mill (C M)
Piecer In Cotton Mill (C M)
Military Edging (O)
Labourer In Sugar House
Laborer Dock
Plasterers Laborer
Pork Butcher
Sergt Royal Artillary
Spinner In Cotton Mill (C M)
Vicar Of Kersley And Coundon
Waste Sorter
Intermediate In Cotton Mill (C M)
Housekeeper (Lodging)
1/2 Time Bobbiner In Cotton Mill (C M)
Ag Labourer
Back Tenter In Cotton Mill (C M)
Bobbin Framer In Cotton Mill (C M)
Cabinet Maker
Cotton Operative (C M)
Farm Laborer
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Finisher Dye House CP
Frame Work Knitter
Gen Lab
General Laborer
Wife Of Gen Lab