Dury in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dury
George Dury
William Dury
James Dury
Henry Dury
Charles Dury
Thomas Dury
Richard Dury
Joseph Dury
Edward Dury
Theodore Dury
Albert Dury
Robert Dury
Mark Dury
Ernest Dury
Edwin Dury
Arthur Dury
Harry Dury
Samuel Dury
Peter Dury
Frank Dury
Wm. Dury
Jules Dury
Edgar Dury
Isaac Dury
Bernard Dury
Theadore Dury
Arther Dury
Soloman Dury
Harold Dury
Alexander Dury
Roland Dury
G.Thos. Dury
Frederick Dury
Patrick Dury
Eugne Dury
Leopold Dury
Enos Dury
Willie Dury
Tony Dury
Herbert Dury
Solomon Dury
Alfred Dury
Fredk. Dury

Top female forenames

Sarah Dury
Mary Dury
Elizabeth Dury
Jane Dury
Emma Dury
Rose Dury
Maria Dury
Alice Dury
Catherine Dury
Ellen Dury
Clara Dury
Ann Dury
Annie Dury
Martha Dury
Harriett Dury
Caroline Dury
Emily Dury
Anne Dury
Maud Dury
Julia Dury
Edith Dury
Margaret Dury
Bertha Dury
Dorothy Dury
Isabel Dury
Christian Dury
Mahala Dury
Gwenllian Dury
Lucy Dury
Florence Dury
Theodora Dury
Avis Dury
Lillian Dury
Lavina Dury
Elizth.A. Dury
Kathleen Dury
Eliza Dury
Dinah Dury
Marie Dury
Harry Dury
Christine Dury
Harriet Dury
Lydia Dury
Francis Dury
Winna Dury
Louisa Dury
Susanna Dury
Lilian Dury
Ruth Dury
Anna Dury

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Railway Laborer
Domestic Serv
Farm Laborer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Gen Servant
Cotton Reeler
Corset Cutter (Stay)
W H Wilberforce (Agent To)
Engine Cleaner (Ry)
Farm Lab
Die Sinker
Dom Ser
Dressmaker Employing 3 Girls
Domestic Serv (Cook)
Dress Maker
Drapes Traveller (Com)
Domestic Servant
Done School
Domestic Servant (General)
Cocoa Manufacturer Employing 70 Hands
Agent To F B Greenwood
Agl Laborer
Artist Painter
Assist In House Work
Assistant In Firm (Stay)
Assists At Home
Bootmaker Employing 2 Hands
Cab Driver
Carpenters Shop Boy
Carter (Farm)
Clergyman (Ch Of E)
Clergyman Without Care Of Souls BA Trin Coll Cambridge
Clergymans Wife
Coachman (Domestic)
Coal Miners Wife