Duston in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Duston
John Duston
Francis Duston
Arthur Duston
George Duston
Charles Duston
Peter Duston
James Duston
Harry Duston
Geo.Harry Duston
Chas.Edd. Duston
Samuel Duston
Mark Duston
Janes Duston
Isaac Duston
Frank Duston
Edward Duston
Win.Richd. Duston
Thomas Duston

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Duston
Mary Duston
Jane Duston
Ellen Duston
Annie Duston
Rachel Duston
Sarah Duston
Louisa Duston
Harriet Duston
Fanny Duston
Selina Duston
Amelia Duston
Martha Duston
Ada Duston
Lucy Duston
Katherine Duston
Honor Duston
Hannah Duston
Emma Duston
Ann Duston
Alice Duston
Luzie Duston

Top occupations

Market Gardener
Ag Lab
General Servant
Letter Press Printer
Brass Tube Bender
Needle Woman
Nurse Monthly
Pensioner HM Dockyard
Ag Lab (Unemployed)
Laborer Printers
Joiner And Wheelwright
Comml Traveler (Sugar)
Farm Laborer
Farm Labourer Outdoor
Gardeners Wife
General Labourer
Brass Tube Drawer
Wife Of Labourer