Dutson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dutson
Thomas Dutson
John Dutson
James Dutson
Joseph Dutson
Richard Dutson
Edwin Dutson
Frank Dutson
Robert Dutson
Fred Dutson
Albert Dutson
Samuel Dutson
Harry Dutson
Alfred Dutson
Walter Dutson
Edward Dutson
Daniel Dutson
Arthur Dutson
Henry Dutson
George Dutson
Mark Dutson
Charles Dutson
Archibald Dutson
Phillip Dutson
Otho Dutson
Fiese Dutson
Maria Dutson
Wm.Thos. Dutson
Enoch Dutson
Jno. Dutson
Jesiah Dutson
Birtran Dutson
Isaac Dutson
S. Dutson
Alosius Dutson
Albt. Dutson
Philip Dutson
Ferris Dutson
Louis Dutson
Thos. Dutson
Dennis Dutson
Jesse Dutson
Stephen Dutson
Benjamin Dutson
Saml. Dutson
Herbert Dutson

Top female forenames

Mary Dutson
Elizabeth Dutson
Annie Dutson
Jane Dutson
Sarah Dutson
Martha Dutson
Ellen Dutson
Alice Dutson
Ann Dutson
Emma Dutson
Ada Dutson
Emily Dutson
Clara Dutson
Catherine Dutson
Hannah Dutson
Eleanor Dutson
Maria Dutson
Betty Dutson
Fanny Dutson
Susannah Dutson
Amelia Dutson
Lilly Dutson
Rosa Dutson
Nancy Dutson
Edith Dutson
Anne Dutson
Amy Dutson
Lily Dutson
Rose Dutson
Letitia Dutson
Rachel Dutson
Jessie Dutson
Moira Dutson
Isabella Dutson
Frances Dutson
Mabel Dutson
Bertha Dutson
Lydia Dutson
Emmaline Dutson
Louisa Dutson
Agnes Dutson
Lavinia Dutson
Matilda Dutson
Christiana Dutson
Harriet Dutson
Bridget Dutson
Gertrude Dutson
Mahala Dutson
Bessie Dutson
Florence Dutson

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Operative
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Winder
Worsted Weaver
Carpenter & Joiner
Cotton Throstle Spinner
Iron Moulder
General Laborer
Domestic Servant
Domestic Housewife
Drapers Assistant
Dress Maker
Gardener Wife
Errand Boy
Farm Serv In Door
Farmer Of 27 Acres
Fitter & Turner
Furnaceman Lead Works
Formerly Weaver
Forge Man (Iron)
Formerly Builder
Coal Miner
Book Binder
Boot Maker
Bootmaker Journeyman
Bricklayers Lab
Chair Caner
Colliery Proprietor
Colliery Time Keeper (Mine)
Copyist Local Government Office
Cotton Factory Hand
Cotton Manager (CM)
Blacksmith Apprentice
Cotton Operative (CM)
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Spinner & Scholar (1/2 Timer)
Cotton Spinner Operative