Duval in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Duval
George Duval
Thomas Duval
William Duval
James Duval
Charles Duval
Ernest Duval
Louis Duval
Felix Duval
Jean Duval
Herbert Duval
Reuben Duval
Peter Duval
Harry Duval
Lewis Duval
Frank Duval
Walter Duval
Josue Duval
Stephen Duval
Joseph Duval
Samuel Duval
Emile Duval
Sacharice Duval
Edward Duval
Richd. Duval
David Duval
Henry Duval
Amos Duval
Love Duval
Alfd. Duval
Francais Duval
Jonathan Duval
Saml. Duval
Jesse Duval
Edwin Duval
Robert Duval
Doninique Duval
Richard Duval
Herb.Ph. Duval
Claude Duval
Philip Duval
Heaton Duval
August Duval
Norris Duval
Gustave Duval
Alfred Duval
Fred Duval
Westgaith Duval
Albert Duval
Leonard Duval

Top female forenames

Mary Duval
Elizabeth Duval
Alice Duval
Charlotte Duval
Emma Duval
Sarah Duval
Ellen Duval
Hannah Duval
Clara Duval
Fanny Duval
Emily Duval
Amy Duval
Edith Duval
Jane Duval
Henrietta Duval
Eliza Duval
Maria Duval
Catherine Duval
Augusta Duval
Ann Duval
Florence Duval
Catharine Duval
Lydia Duval
Louisa Duval
Anne Duval
Marie Duval
Frances Duval
Violet Duval
Margaret Duval
Sophia Duval
Carolin Duval
Lucy Duval
Ethel Duval
Beattie Duval
Liza Duval
Rebecca Duval
Julia Duval
Melina Duval
Hortense Duval
Mathilda Duval
Harriet Duval
Martha Duval
Grace Duval
Clarissa Duval
Marianne Duval
Georgina Duval
Marguerite Duval
Stephen Duval
Eugenie Duval
Selina Duval

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Shoe Machinist
Dress Maker
Boot Manufacturer
Boot Finisher
Lodging House Keeper
Ag Lab Out Of Employ
Labourers Daughter
General Dealer
General Lab
Drapers Assistant
Employed On Farm
Fancy Shop French Goods (Gen Dlr)
Farm Labourer
Farmer Of 12 Acres Employing 1 Man
Footman (Dom Servant)
Gen Serv
Footman Domestic
Formerly Dress Maker
Gardener (Dom)
Formerly Laundress
Artists Wife
Bank Clerk
Bankers Clerk
Billiard Marker
Boot Blocker
Boot Dealer
Yarn Merchants Clerk
Clerk Bank Of England
Clerk In Architects Office
Commercial Clerk (Foreign Merchant)
Confissons (Hair Dresser)
Cook Out Of Employment
Corn Merchant
Corresponding Clerk
Cotton Stripper