Dwelly in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Dwelly
George Dwelly
Thomas Dwelly
Tom Dwelly
Edwin Dwelly
John Dwelly
Frank Dwelly
Charles Dwelly
Jacob Dwelly
Horace Dwelly
Henry Dwelly
Frederic Dwelly
Elizabeth Dwelly
Edward Dwelly
Richard Dwelly
Cecil Dwelly
James Dwelly
Hugh Dwelly
Herbert Dwelly
Hedley Dwelly
Frederick Dwelly

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Dwelly
Kate Dwelly
Mary Dwelly
Annie Dwelly
Julia Dwelly
Caroline Dwelly
Mabel Dwelly
B.A. Dwelly
Ann Dwelly
Jane Dwelly
Henrietta Dwelly
Frances Dwelly
Emily Dwelly
Clare Dwelly
Maria Dwelly
Bridget Dwelly
Lucy Dwelly
Ada Dwelly
Isabella Dwelly
Harriet Dwelly
Florence Dwelly
Elizth.Kate Dwelly
Victoria Dwelly
Edith Dwelly
Marion Dwelly

Top occupations

Mariner Pensioner (R N)
Omnibus Conductor
Profl Musical Artiste
School Principal
Drapers Assistant
Draper Employing 1 Woman And 1 Girl
Bank Clerk
Brass Finisher
Carriage Builder (2 Men & 3 Boys)
Chief Cashier Army Agents
Clerk & Steward
Coachman (D)
Commercial Clerk Print Works
Commercial Traveller
Wife Of Steward