Dwight in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dwight
George Dwight
James Dwight
John Dwight
Arthur Dwight
Frederick Dwight
Albert Dwight
Alfred Dwight
Henry Dwight
Charles Dwight
Fredrick Dwight
Matthew Dwight
Joseph Dwight
Jesse Dwight
Thomas Dwight
Daniel Dwight
Robert Dwight
Fredk. Dwight
David Dwight
Stephen Dwight
Richard Dwight
Ernest Dwight
Edward Dwight
Harry Dwight
Berkam Dwight
Reuben Dwight
Philip Dwight
Josias Dwight
Fred. Dwight
Eugen Dwight
Humphrey Dwight
Edwin Dwight
Walter Dwight
Hies Dwight
H.W. Dwight
R. Dwight
Gale Dwight
Albion Dwight
Fredric Dwight
Frank Dwight
Humphry Dwight
Horace Dwight
Herbert Dwight

Top female forenames

Mary Dwight
Elizabeth Dwight
Sarah Dwight
Alice Dwight
Emily Dwight
Ellen Dwight
Jane Dwight
Annie Dwight
Emma Dwight
Kate Dwight
Ann Dwight
Lydia Dwight
Clara Dwight
Anne Dwight
Maria Dwight
Rose Dwight
Ada Dwight
Gertrude Dwight
Sophia Dwight
Agnes Dwight
Anna Dwight
Ellenor Dwight
Susan Dwight
Amelia Dwight
Lizzie Dwight
Selina Dwight
Alexandrina Dwight
Letitia Dwight
Elenor Dwight
Rhoda Dwight
Hannah Dwight
Catherine Dwight
Phebe Dwight
Carrie Dwight
Maryann Dwight
Frances Dwight
Bessie Dwight
Martha Dwight
Fanny Dwight
Margaret Dwight
William Dwight
Louisa Dwight
Lillian Dwight
Eliza Dwight
Laura Dwight
Edith Dwight
Rosanna Dwight
Charlotte Dwight
Rebecca Dwight
Hanh.P. Dwight

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Straw Plaiter
Farmers Son
Farm Labourer
(D) Servant (At Home)
Brush Drawer
No Occupation
Brush Maker
Theatrical Artiste
Farm Labr
General Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
Carpenter & Joiner
Woodenware Worker
Farmer & Pheasant Breeder 320 Acres Employs 11 Men 3 Boys
Farmer Of 140 Acres Employing 5 La
Farmer Of 72 Acres Employing 3 La
Farmers Daughter
Farm Serv (Indoors)
Formerly Straw Plaiter
Gen Dom Serv
General Servant
Farm Laborer
Barmaid (Inn Servt)
Chelsea Out Pensioner And Farmer Of 2 1/2 Acres
Clerk C S Customs
Coachman (Dom)
Coachman Dom Serv
Bus Conductor
Brush Making
Cook Dom
Cook Dom Serv
Dom Servt
Coachman Domestic Serv
Assistant Cook
Bricklayers Lab