Dysart in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dysart
John Dysart
Thomas Dysart
Arthur Dysart
Thos. Dysart
Lachlan Dysart
Herbert Dysart
George Dysart
Charles Dysart
Alexander Dysart
Willm. Dysart
Victor Dysart
Joseph Dysart
Horace Dysart
Henry Dysart
Frank Dysart
Albert Dysart

Top female forenames

Mary Dysart
Jane Dysart
Janie Dysart
Helen Dysart
Ellen Dysart
Edith Dysart
Annie Dysart
Sarah Dysart
Margery Dysart
Emma Dysart
Elizabeth Dysart
Celia Dysart
Ann Dysart

Top occupations

Dom Servt
Rectors Son
Laborer At Ironworks (Blast Furnace)
Surveyor H.M.Customs
Servant Dom
Merchants Apprentice (W&S)
Merchant Wine & Spirit
Marine Engineer
Law Clerk
Late Rector Of Magilligan
Income From House Property
General Laborer
Dock Clerk
Coal Merchant
Warehouse Lad