Eadon in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Eadon
William Eadon
George Eadon
John Eadon
Charles Eadon
Henry Eadon
Alfred Eadon
Joseph Eadon
Robert Eadon
Walter Eadon
Frederick Eadon
Frank Eadon
Willie Eadon
Arthur Eadon
Ernest Eadon
Edward Eadon
Willis Eadon
Herbert Eadon
Gilbert Eadon
Alan Eadon
Tom Eadon
Richard Eadon
Matthias Eadon
Edwd. Eadon
Mark Eadon
Edmund Eadon
Jno.Henry Eadon
Wilfred Eadon
Albert Eadon
Vincent Eadon
Gerald Eadon
Afered Eadon
Thos.Alfd. Eadon
Geo. Eadon
Fred Eadon
Ralph Eadon
Matthew Eadon
Lionel Eadon
Chas.T.E. Eadon
Bernard Eadon

Top female forenames

Mary Eadon
Elizabeth Eadon
Ellen Eadon
Sarah Eadon
Eliza Eadon
Jane Eadon
Alice Eadon
Emma Eadon
Louisa Eadon
Annie Eadon
Florence Eadon
Amelia Eadon
Frances Eadon
Fanny Eadon
Edith Eadon
Ethel Eadon
Margaret Eadon
Anna Eadon
Clara Eadon
Charlotte Eadon
Matilda Eadon
Catherine Eadon
Martha Eadon
Ann Eadon
Alishia Eadon
Helen Eadon
Dora Eadon
Nevella Eadon
Agnes Eadon
Hannah Eadon
Christiana Eadon
Maud Eadon
Charine Eadon
Cath. Eadon
Emily Eadon
Caroline Eadon
Lucy Eadon
Beatrice Eadon
Kate Eadon
Elinor Eadon
Henrietta Eadon
Dorothy Eadon
Rachel Eadon
Harriett Eadon
Minnie Eadon
A. Eadon
Cassandra Eadon
Mabel Eadon
Elsie Eadon
Bertha Eadon

Top occupations

No Occupation
File Cutter
Button Carder
Forge & Tilter (Steel)
Forge Man (Steel)
Auctioneer & Valuer
Railway Porter
Dividends & Annuity
Formerly Dressmaker
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servt
Drapers Assistant
Dress Maker
General Lab
Errand Boy
Errand Boy (Messenger)
Farm Labourer
Farmer 244 Acres Employing 8 Labrs
File Forger
File Grinder
Groom (Dom)
Greengrocer (Retired)
General Labourer
Forgeman & Tilter (Steel)
Hair Dresser Employing 1 Apprentice
Cutlery Manufr
Boots Domestic Servant
Boatman W
Boatman Laborer (Barge)
Auctioneer & Sharebroker
Auctioneer & Share Broker
Apprentice Hair Dresser
Wood Sawyer
C Doubler (Spinning)
Cutlery Manuf Clerk Unemploy
Cotton Weaver
Cook Domestic Servt
Coal Agent
Coach Axle & Spring Grinder
Clergyman Without Cure Of Souls
Captains Wife
Canal Servant (Ins)
Canal Boatman