Earles in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Earles
John Earles
Charles Earles
Thomas Earles
James Earles
Henry Earles
George Earles
Frederick Earles
Edward Earles
Arthur Earles
Walter Earles
Richard Earles
Cornelius Earles
Fredrick Earles
Isaac Earles
Abraham Earles
Thos. Earles
Theodore Earles
Fredk. Earles
Frank Earles
Patrick Earles
Filpot Earles
Joshua Earles
Chales Earles
J. Earles
Willm.J. Earles
Alfred Earles
Herbert Earles
Harry Earles
Robert Earles
Reginald Earles
Foster Earles
Martin Earles
Joseph Earles

Top female forenames

Mary Earles
Annie Earles
Eliza Earles
Elizabeth Earles
Louisa Earles
Kate Earles
Sarah Earles
Emma Earles
Fanny Earles
Emily Earles
Margaret Earles
Alice Earles
Jane Earles
Lucy Earles
Lizzie Earles
Clara Earles
Catherine Earles
Ann Earles
Edith Earles
Hannah Earles
Minnie Earles
Margery Earles
Amelia Earles
Elizth. Earles
Agnes Earles
Ehrina Earles
Susan Earles
Jessie Earles
Rebecka Earles
Hester Earles
Phoebe Earles
Caroline Earles
Frances Earles
Maude Earles
Arabella Earles
Maria Earles
Eleanor Earles
L. Earles
Tryphena Earles
Julia Earles
Charlotte Earles
Rebecca Earles
Catharine Earles
Bessie Earles
Florance Earles

Top occupations

General Servant
General Labourer
Farm Labourer
Farm Lab
No Occupation
Labourer Wife
Glass Cutter
Ag Lab
Housekeeper (Dom)
Shoe Maker
Labourer Saw Mills
Glass Examiner
Formerly Servant
Gen Lab
Gener Lab
General Laborer
House Keeper (Dom)
Hay Dealer
Hair Dresser
Gilt Toy Maker
Engine Fitter Cocoa Works
Engine Fitter
Brass Founder
Brass Finishers Wife
Brass Finisher
Brass Dresser
Brass Caster
Boot Maker
Assistant To Com Clerk
Working Engineer
Commercial Traveller
Cook Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant (General)
Domestic Servant
Dom Servant
Dock Labourer
District Probate Registrar At Durham