Easey in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Easey
John Easey
George Easey
Henry Easey
Charles Easey
Alfred Easey
Herbert Easey
Edward Easey
Thomas Easey
Walter Easey
Harry Easey
Horace Easey
Frederick Easey
Joseph Easey
Albert Easey
Willm. Easey
Richard Easey
Ernest Easey
Chester Easey
Benjamin Easey
Jas.Thos. Easey
Stephen Easey
Simon Easey
Fredrick Easey
Francis Easey
Moses Easey
Mark Easey
Johnathan Easey
Wm. Easey
Jas.Wm. Easey
Adam Easey
Stanbridge Easey
Robert Easey
Oscar Easey
Mathew Easey

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Easey
Mary Easey
Sarah Easey
Eliza Easey
Alice Easey
Emily Easey
Emma Easey
Lucy Easey
Ann Easey
Ellen Easey
Kate Easey
Hannah Easey
Eve Easey
Rebecca Easey
Harriet Easey
Ethel Easey
Margaret Easey
Louisa Easey
Edith Easey
Anna Easey
Nora Easey
Francis Easey
Amy Easey
Maud Easey
Maria Easey
Emeline Easey
Sophia Easey
Elizabth. Easey
Lettey Easey
Jane Easey
Charlot Easey
Rachel Easey
Augusta Easey
Phoebe Easey
Georgianna Easey
Miriam Easey
Fanny Easey
Matila Easey
Martha Easey
Susan Easey
Sarh Easey
Ruth Easey
Rahah Easey
Helen Easey
Caroline Easey
Priscilla Easey

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Labr
Shoe Machinest
Licensed Victualler
Gardener (Domestic Serv)
Foreman Baker
Farmer Of 30 Acres
Farmer 102 Acres Employing 7 Men
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Errand Boy
Engineers Laborer (10/1)
Engine Fitter At Brick Works
Gardener N D
Gen Serv (Dom)
Iron Works Labourer
Housemaid Domestic
Housemaid (Dom Serv)
House Maid
Gunner Royl Arty
Grocers Assistant
Gen Servt Domestic
Engine Cleaner (22-2)
Domestic Servant Out Of Place
Cloth Dresser
Cab Driver
Brace Maker (M S)
Coach Painter Unemp
Coachman (ND)
Coachman Domestic
Domestic Servant
Cu...er Of Artificial Flowers
Cotton Weaver
Corporal Royal Engineers
Cord Winder Miner
Cook Dom Serv
Coobahoo? Maker