Easterby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Easterby
John Easterby
Thomas Easterby
George Easterby
James Easterby
Alfred Easterby
Henry Easterby
Robert Easterby
Rt. Easterby
Charles Easterby
Joseph Easterby
Fredrick Easterby
Francis Easterby
Edwin Easterby
Rd. Easterby
Christopher Easterby
Pierson Easterby
Arthur Easterby
Jonney Easterby
Herbert Easterby
Thos. Easterby
Frederick Easterby
Ernest Easterby
Richard Easterby
Edward Easterby
Ralph Easterby
Amos Easterby
Isaac Easterby
Wm. Easterby
Walter Easterby

Top female forenames

Mary Easterby
Elizabeth Easterby
Sarah Easterby
Hannah Easterby
Emma Easterby
Annie Easterby
Agnes Easterby
Susannah Easterby
Rachael Easterby
Eliza Easterby
Margaret Easterby
Eleanor Easterby
Louise Easterby
Diana Easterby
Jane Easterby
Caroline Easterby
Hilda Easterby
Anna Easterby
Ruth Easterby
Faith Easterby
Rose Easterby
Ellen Easterby
Martha Easterby
Dorothy Easterby
Louisa Easterby
Christiana Easterby
Isabella Easterby
Betsy Easterby
Harriet Easterby
Anne Easterby
Grace Easterby
Alice Easterby
Rosie Easterby
Evelyn Easterby
Rachel Easterby
Emily Easterby
Marion Easterby

Top occupations

General Serv
General Labourer
Cab Driver
Lath Render
Farmers Wife
Engine Fitter
Gen Serv Dom
Gen Labr
Genl Lab
Genl Lab Out Of Employ
Genl Servt (Dom)
Groom (Dom)
General Servant Domestic
Hinds Wife
Plasterers Lab
Parish Clerk (Church)
Mantle Maker
Lathrender Employing One Apprentice
Lath Render Wife
Lath Render Son
Hind For Manor House (Farm Bailiff)
Iron Miner
Independant (Property Owner)
Housekeeper To Parish Clerk
Gen Lab Late Pensioner R A
Gen Lab
Cotton Peicer
Cement Lab
Cabinet Maker
Boot Rivitter
Agricultural Labourer
Agricl Labourer Wife
Agricl Labourer
Ag Lab
Dom Servant
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 90 Acres & Cattle Dealer
Farmer Of 360 Acres
Farm Labourer
Farm (Servant) (Indoor)
Errand Boy
Domestic Servt (Genl)
Domestic Servt