Eastes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Eastes
John Eastes
Frederick Eastes
George Eastes
Thomas Eastes
James Eastes
Gillbee Eastes
Silvester Eastes
Charles Eastes
Arthur Eastes
Albert Eastes
Samuel Eastes
Benjamin Eastes
Richard Eastes
Alfred Eastes
Fredrick Eastes
Fred.J. Eastes
W. Eastes
Fred. Eastes
Sydney Eastes
Ernest Eastes
Robert Eastes
J.W. Eastes
Wm.J. Eastes
Will Eastes
Fred.Hen. Eastes
Frank Eastes
Stephen Eastes
Edgar Eastes

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Eastes
Mary Eastes
Sarah Eastes
Charlotte Eastes
Louisa Eastes
Jane Eastes
Annie Eastes
Ann Eastes
Florence Eastes
Edith Eastes
Alice Eastes
Ellen Eastes
Hannah Eastes
Albertine Eastes
Susanna Eastes
Esther Eastes
Sophia Eastes
Elsie Eastes
Marie Eastes
Mabel Eastes
Catherine Eastes
Frances Eastes
Fanny Eastes
Ada Eastes
Susan Eastes
Emily Eastes
Selina Eastes
Eliza Eastes
Margaret Eastes
E. Eastes
Lydia Eastes
Charity Eastes
Jessie Eastes
Caroline Eastes

Top occupations

Retired Builder
Farmer Son
Farmers Son
Magistrate Surgeon & C Daur
Optical Salesman
Medical Practioner In Practice
Outfitter Manager (G B D C)
Magistrate Surgeon & C Wife
Plumber & Gas Fitter
Wife Surgeon
R N Sailor In H M Service
Tin Plate Worker
Surgeon (General Practe) M.B. Lond F.R.C.S.Eng
Student Of Medicine
Retired Painter
Magistrate Surgeon & C
Lodging House Keeper
Ladys Maid Dom Serv
Corn & Seed Merchant
Cook (Domestic)
Chemists Manager
Chemist Apprentice
Boy 2nd Class
Assistant Keeper
Annuitant Daughter
A B Seaman
Dom S
Dom Serv Cook
Journeyman Plumber
Housemaid General Servant
Ho Md Domes Serv
Farmer Of 276 Acres Employing Nine Men 4 Boys
Farmer 500 Acres Employing 20 Men
Elementary Sch Master
Domestic Servant
... Maid General Servant