Eastgate in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Eastgate
John Eastgate
William Eastgate
Thomas Eastgate
Charles Eastgate
Arthur Eastgate
James Eastgate
Hosea Eastgate
Alfred Eastgate
Walter Eastgate
Hezekiah Eastgate
Vincent Eastgate
Edward Eastgate
Robert Eastgate
Edrick Eastgate
Joshua Eastgate
Albert Eastgate
Frederick Eastgate
Frank Eastgate
Cyril Eastgate
Joseph Eastgate
Benjamin Eastgate
Hezikiah Eastgate
Henry Eastgate
Geo. Eastgate
Frederic Eastgate
Elijah Eastgate

Top female forenames

Mary Eastgate
Elizabeth Eastgate
Eliza Eastgate
Emily Eastgate
Lucy Eastgate
Annie Eastgate
Fanny Eastgate
Sarah Eastgate
Emma Eastgate
Ellen Eastgate
Harriet Eastgate
Anne Eastgate
Martha Eastgate
Jessie Eastgate
Ruth Eastgate
Harriett Eastgate
Caroline Eastgate
Hannah Eastgate
Alise Eastgate
Maria Eastgate
Albina Eastgate
Mar.Ann Eastgate
Ada Eastgate
Louisa Eastgate
Susan Eastgate
Lillian Eastgate
Edith Eastgate
Jean Eastgate
Chrishanna Eastgate
Rosa Eastgate
Helen Eastgate
Cecil Eastgate
Rachel Eastgate
Betsey Eastgate
Moria Eastgate
Frances Eastgate
Esther Eastgate
Alice Eastgate
Margaret Eastgate
Agnes Eastgate
Lizzie Eastgate
Eleanor Eastgate
Sophia Eastgate
Clara Eastgate
Infant Eastgate
Charlotte Eastgate
Renne Eastgate
Phoeb Eastgate

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Tin Plate Worker
Farmers Son
General Servant
Agricultural Laborer
Housekeeper Domestic Servt
Farmer Of 73 Acres
Farmer Of 60 Acs 1 Lab Emp
Farmer Of 60 Acres
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Farmer Of 150 Acres
Farmer Of 14 Ackes Land
Farmer 60 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Ivory Matcher Musical Inst Maker
Farmers Wife
Field Worker (Pauper)
House Painter
Hairdresser, Assistant
General Gardener
General Domestic Servant
Gen Serv Dom
Formerly Seaman
Housemaid (Dom)
First Battalion Grenadier Guards Private
Fitter H M Dockyaard
Family Nurse
Cook Domestic Serv
Coachman Domestic Servant
Coach Spring Maker
Carriage Lining Maker (Trimming)
Wholesale Tea & Coffee Dealer Wife
Agricultural Lab
Cotton Factory Labourer
Curate Church Of England
Die Sinker
Excavator On Railway (Navvy) Wife
Excavator On Railway (Navvy)
Errand Boy
Engine Fitter (M)
Domestic Servant General
Domestic Servant (Unemployed)
Domestic Servant (Cook)
Domestic Serv Unemployed