Eatough in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Eatough
Richard Eatough
William Eatough
Thomas Eatough
James Eatough
Joseph Eatough
Robert Eatough
Henry Eatough
Albert Eatough
George Eatough
Adam Eatough
Edward Eatough
Wm. Eatough
Walter Eatough
Samuel Eatough
Alfred Eatough
Jonathan Eatough
Ernest Eatough
Daniel Eatough
Oliver Eatough
Francis Eatough
Stephen Eatough
Cornelious Eatough
Shrible Eatough
Jno. Eatough
Benjn. Eatough
Rollinson Eatough
Jane Eatough
Arthur Eatough
Richd. Eatough
Hubert Eatough
Ralph Eatough
Nicholas Eatough
Miles Eatough
Frank Eatough
Josh. Eatough
Jos. Eatough
Squires Eatough
Charles Eatough
Jas. Eatough
Benjamin Eatough
Herbert Eatough
Giles Eatough
Willm. Eatough
Morin Eatough
Geo. Eatough
Walton Eatough
Matthew Eatough
Thos. Eatough

Top female forenames

Mary Eatough
Elizabeth Eatough
Alice Eatough
Margaret Eatough
Annie Eatough
Ellen Eatough
Sarah Eatough
Jane Eatough
Ann Eatough
Maria Eatough
Isabella Eatough
Martha Eatough
Betty Eatough
Agnes Eatough
Susannah Eatough
Rose Eatough
Eliz. Eatough
Lucy Eatough
Betsy Eatough
Priscilla Eatough
Nancy Eatough
Eliza Eatough
Clara Eatough
Catherine Eatough
Helen Eatough
Florence Eatough
Nanny Eatough
Emma Eatough
Dinah Eatough
Joanna Eatough
Chloe Eatough
Caroline Eatough
Harriet Eatough
Fanny Eatough
Anne Eatough
Emily Eatough
Elizth. Eatough
Ada Eatough
Margret Eatough
Lydia Eatough
Dora Eatough
Julia Eatough

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Operative
Cotton Winder
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Piecer
Calico Steamer (Color)
Grocer And Bread Baker Daur
Domestic Servant
Cotton Power Loom Overlooker
Dock Porter
Cotton Self Acting Winder
Cotton Weaver (Unemp)
Cotton Spinner & Fruit Dealer
Dairy Maid Ag
Cutterman At Paper Mill
Cotton Weaver & Scholar (Cw)
Assis Housekeeper
Cotton Weaver Wife
Cotton Mule Piecer
Cotton Loom Overlooker
Calico Printer Engraver (Swm)
Brewers Labourer
Block Printer Woollen
Blacksmith ... Employing 2 Men
Beamer In Cotton
Winder In Cotton Mill
Architects Clerk
Apprentice To Butcher
Cigar & Hop Merchant
Coal Dealer
Cotton Dresser
Cotton Drawer In
Cotton Doffer
Cotton Derby Tenter
Cotton Carder
Contractors Foreman Wife
Contractors Foreman
Contractor For Roadmaster And Shell Making & Sewering Employing 19 Men