Eckhardt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Eckhardt
William Eckhardt
Alfred Eckhardt
Albert Eckhardt
Oscar Eckhardt
John Eckhardt
Heny Eckhardt
Gustave Eckhardt
Adolphus Eckhardt
Philip Eckhardt
Joseph Eckhardt
Jacob Eckhardt
Henry Eckhardt

Top female forenames

Marie Eckhardt
Mary Eckhardt
Louisa Eckhardt
Elizabeth Eckhardt
Matilda Eckhardt
Anna Eckhardt
Margaret Eckhardt
Lily Eckhardt
Jane Eckhardt
Dinah Eckhardt
Catherine Eckhardt
Beatrice Eckhardt
Annie Eckhardt
Alfreda Eckhardt
Maria Eckhardt
Johanna Eckhardt
Christiana Eckhardt
Caroline Eckhardt
Augusta Eckhardt

Top occupations

Washer Woman
Springknife Cutler
Restaurant Keeper (Eating Ho)
Nurse (Dom)
Labourer For The Corpn Road
Cutler (Table Knife)
Cabinet Maker
Blacksmiths Wife
Agent (Fancy Goods & Toys)