Eddowes in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Eddowes
Thomas Eddowes
William Eddowes
George Eddowes
Arthur Eddowes
Walter Eddowes
Edward Eddowes
James Eddowes
Alfred Eddowes
Edmund Eddowes
Charles Eddowes
Chas. Eddowes
Fredk. Eddowes
Richard Eddowes
Henry Eddowes
Vernon Eddowes
Ralph Eddowes
Neal Eddowes
Herbert Eddowes
Willm. Eddowes
Elijah Eddowes
Robert Eddowes
Edwd. Eddowes
Nicholas Eddowes
Anson Eddowes
Hugh Eddowes
Wm. Eddowes
Fredrick Eddowes
Frederick Eddowes
Stanton Eddowes
Edwin Eddowes
Richd. Eddowes

Top female forenames

Mary Eddowes
Elizabeth Eddowes
Emily Eddowes
Martha Eddowes
Margaret Eddowes
Emma Eddowes
Ann Eddowes
Louisa Eddowes
Amelia Eddowes
Ellen Eddowes
Jane Eddowes
Helen Eddowes
Frances Eddowes
Sarah Eddowes
Clara Eddowes
Maria Eddowes
Florence Eddowes
Charlotte Eddowes
Alice Eddowes
Annice Eddowes
Lucy Eddowes
Esther Eddowes
Katheren Eddowes
Agnes Eddowes
Julia Eddowes
Ualtarine Eddowes
Eliza Eddowes
Rose Eddowes
Minnie Eddowes
Hannah Eddowes
Beatrice Eddowes
Geraldine Eddowes
Annie Eddowes
Anne Eddowes
Lousia Eddowes
Fanny Eddowes
Amy Eddowes
Katie Eddowes
Katerine Eddowes
Emeilia Eddowes
Jennet Eddowes
Hilda Eddowes
Phoebe Eddowes
Harriet Eddowes
Breatrice Eddowes
Gertrude Eddowes
Arrabella Eddowes
Francesl. Eddowes

Top occupations

General Labourer
Coal Miner
F Daur
Surgeons Daughter
Farmers Son
Living On Interest Of Money
Formerly Butcher Grazier Keeping Cows
Formerly Butcher Grazier Keeping Cows Wife
Worker in a Rag Warehouse (Dlr)
Formerly Laundress
Gardener (N D)
Gen Serv
Dom Serv
Kitchen Maid Domestic Serv
General Practioner M. D.
Housemaid Domestic Serv
General Servant
General Serv
General Practitioner Of Medicine M.R.C.S.& L.S.A. London
General Practitioner M.R.C.S.E.L.S.A.L.
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 205 Acres Employing 3 Men & 1 Boy
Clergyman Of Church Of England Vicar Of St Judes
Chief Inspector (Railway)
Card Room Hand
Bank Clerk
American Merchant Wife
Commission Agent
Cotton Winder
Farmer Of 200 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Engineers Labr
Engineers Labourer (E&M)
Engineers Clerk
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant