Edens in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Edens
William Edens
George Edens
Frederick Edens
Edward Edens
Henry Edens
Thomas Edens
Joseph Edens
Walter Edens
Peter Edens
James Edens
Fred Edens
Benjamin Edens
Alfred Edens
Samuel Edens
Joshua Edens
Emanuel Edens
Charles Edens
Arthur Edens

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Edens
Mary Edens
Annie Edens
Florence Edens
Jane Edens
Sarah Edens
Gertrude Edens
Eva Edens
Emma Edens
Rhoda Edens
Phillis Edens
Clara Edens
Blanche Edens
Ada Edens
Hannah Edens
Frederic Edens
Fanny Edens
Theaby Edens
Ethel Edens
Rosanna Edens
Ellen Edens
Rebecca Edens
Eliza Edens
Maud Edens
Caroline Edens
Kezia Edens
Harriet Edens

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Carter (Ag Lab)
Agr Lab
(No Occ) Owner 4 1/2 Acres Land
Lodging House Keeper
Lithographic Printer
Iron Moulder
Iron Forge Laborer
Merchants Widow
Monthly Nurse
Moulder (Iron)
Overlooker In Cotton Mill
Plough Boy
Plumber &c
Railway Boiler Cleaner
Housemaid Domestic
Assistant Mistress S...
Barmaid (Inn)
Carpenter & Grainer
Carpenter And Wheelwright
Carpenters Wife
Certificated Teacher Of Bea...
Coachman (Domestic Servant)
Collector & Agent
Corporal Marine Artillery
Cotton Factory Hand
Former Laundress
Formerly Gloveress
General Servant
Wood Sawyer