Edey in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Edey
John Edey
George Edey
Alfred Edey
James Edey
Thomas Edey
Charles Edey
Arthur Edey
David Edey
Harry Edey
Henry Edey
Joseph Edey
Frederick Edey
Edwin Edey
Robert Edey
Jonathan Edey
Ernest Edey
Richard Edey
Albt. Edey
Herbert Edey
Abraham Edey
Wm. Edey
Rowland Edey
Earnest Edey
Daniel Edey
Mark Edey
Albert Edey
Wm.Jas. Edey
Willm. Edey
Walter Edey
S. Edey
Edward Edey
Robt. Edey
Chas. Edey

Top female forenames

Mary Edey
Charlotte Edey
Ellen Edey
Elizabeth Edey
Caroline Edey
Emma Edey
Ann Edey
Eliza Edey
Sarah Edey
Harriet Edey
Annie Edey
Alice Edey
Matilda Edey
Ada Edey
Esther Edey
Emily Edey
Hannah Edey
Louisa Edey
Dorothy Edey
Catherine Edey
Lucy Edey
Kate Edey
Agnes Edey
Phebe Edey
Eleanor Edey
Jane Edey
Millicent Edey
Dorathy Edey
Hester Edey
May Edey
Christiana Edey
Cathrine Edey
H.M.S. Edey
Marie Edey
Margaret Edey
Lydia Edey
Violet Edey
Elizth.A. Edey
Rosie Edey
Adelaide Edey
Julia Edey
Minnie Edey
Infant Edey
Melinda Edey
Clara Edey
Harriett Edey
Martha Edey
Gabbrietta Edey
Maria Edey
Beatrice Edey

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Silk Weaver
Leather Dresser
Errand Boy
Carter Boy
Chartered Accountant And Auditor
Dress Maker
Coachman (Dom)
Accountants Clerk
Dom Serv Lady's Maid
Domestic Servant
Gen Shop Keeper
Domestic Servt
Drapers Porter
Gas Works Stoker
Dyer (Journeyman)
French Polisher
Engineer Labourer (E & M)
Formerly Domestic Ser
Farm Bailiffe
Farmers Wife
Farm Bailiffs Wife
Farmer Of 99 Acres Employing 3 Men & 2 Boys Also Carpenter Employing 5 Hands
Clerk (Mercantile)
Assistant ...
Away On A Visit
Boilermaker At Works
Boot Fitter
Bricklayers Labourer
Carpenter (Employing 6 Men 2 Boys)
Carpenter Employ 1 Man & Appice
Carter Under
Cashier To Cabinet Manufr & Upholsterer
City Police Constable
Ag Labr
Coachmans Wife
Commerl Traveller