Edgell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Edgell
William Edgell
Henry Edgell
George Edgell
Edward Edgell
James Edgell
Charles Edgell
Harry Edgell
Richard Edgell
Walter Edgell
Thomas Edgell
Albert Edgell
Robert Edgell
Alfred Edgell
Frank Edgell
Arthur Edgell
Joseph Edgell
Francis Edgell
Geo. Edgell
Edwin Edgell
Fred Edgell
Ernest Edgell
Sidney Edgell
Frederick Edgell
Sydney Edgell
Herbert Edgell
Samuel Edgell
Fredrick Edgell
Tom Edgell
Albt. Edgell
Mark Edgell
Adam Edgell
Stephen Edgell
Hugh Edgell
Seward Edgell
Dobert Edgell
Sam Edgell
Gilbert Edgell
Wm.Masterman Edgell
Richd. Edgell
Aurthur Edgell
Philip Edgell
G. Edgell
W.Thomas Edgell
Merrit Edgell
Thos.Wm. Edgell
Llewellyn Edgell
A. Edgell
Evan Edgell
Simon Edgell

Top female forenames

Mary Edgell
Elizabeth Edgell
Eliza Edgell
Sarah Edgell
Emily Edgell
Alice Edgell
Margaret Edgell
Ellen Edgell
Annie Edgell
Ada Edgell
Maria Edgell
Anna Edgell
Jane Edgell
Emma Edgell
Martha Edgell
Kate Edgell
Mercy Edgell
Truth Edgell
Matilda Edgell
Isabella Edgell
Rose Edgell
Beatrice Edgell
Frances Edgell
Harriet Edgell
Florence Edgell
Fanny Edgell
Caroline Edgell
Hester Edgell
Elizth Edgell
Phillis Edgell
Edith Edgell
Violet Edgell
E. Edgell
Clara Edgell
Louisa Edgell
E.E.L. Edgell
Lavin Edgell
Ann Edgell
Georgina Edgell
E.B. Edgell
Julia Edgell
Susan Edgell
Clarissa Edgell
Jessie Edgell
Marianne Edgell
Charlotte Edgell
Ethel Edgell
Ida Edgell
Roenia Edgell
Betsy Edgell

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Agricultural Labourer
Colonial Merchants Clerk
Painter Glazier
Farmers Daur
General Serv
Farmers Wife
Servant General
Assistant (Schoolmistress)
Agl Laborer
Cook (Dom)
Color Sergt 2/19th Regiment
Cooks Wife
Cook Dom
Commercial Clerk & Soap Maker
Curate In Charge B R Oxon
Coal Miner & Watch & Clock Maker
Commercial Traveller
Coal Miner Wife
Coal Miners Widow
Col In Army Ret Chief Constable Of Shropshire (Munic)
Coal Miner (Unemployed)
Bank Manager
Admirals Widow
Agric Labourer
Agricultural Laborer
Ag Lab Methodist Local Preacher
Annuitant No Occupation
Apprentice At Printers
Yarn Spinner (WC)
Bankers Wife
Book Folder
Brass Finisher
Brewers Drayman
Brewers Wife
Cap Peak Hand (Hatter)
Capt In Army 7th Fusileers retired