Edger in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Edger
Robert Edger
John Edger
George Edger
Joseph Edger
Thomas Edger
James Edger
Henry Edger
Edward Edger
Alfred Edger
David Edger
Richard Edger
Charles Edger
Fredrick Edger
Philip Edger
Arthur Edger
Owen Edger
Isaac Edger
Fredk. Edger
Walter Edger
Ernest Edger
Stephen Edger
Paul Edger
Archibald Edger
Adam Edger
Wilm. Edger
Warren Edger
Frederick Edger
Daniel Edger

Top female forenames

Mary Edger
Elizabeth Edger
Sarah Edger
Margaret Edger
Ann Edger
Jane Edger
Martha Edger
Eliza Edger
Isabella Edger
Annie Edger
Catherine Edger
Emily Edger
Florence Edger
Emma Edger
Ellen Edger
Laura Edger
Harriet Edger
Esther Edger
Margret Edger
Harriott Edger
Hannah Edger
Francis Edger
Amelia Edger
Albertina Edger
Dorothy Edger
Helen Edger
Bessie Edger
Gertrude Edger
Barbra Edger
Frances Edger
Alice Edger
Agnes Edger
Louisa Edger
Effie Edger
Heziah Edger
Derginia Edger
Caroline Edger
Beatrice Edger
Mealy Edger

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Colliery Laborer
No Occupation
General Servant Domestic
General Labourer
Foreign Property
Bank Clerk
Labourer (Gen)
Cabinet Maker
Labourer Iron Works
Farm Lab
Formerly Governess
Farmer And Miller
Farmer 40 Acres Emp 1 Lab
Formerly Farm Serv
General Practitioner
General Serv Domestic
House Painter
Hat Body Maker
Grocer Employg 3 Men & 2 Boys
Gen Pract... London
General Servant (Ag Lab)
General Servant
Wine And Spiret Merchant Wife
Dairy Maid Domestic
Cab Driver
Carpenter Journaman
Coal Miner Unemployed
Cotton Weaver
Cutter In Sack Factory
Dairymaid (Ag Lab)
Domestic (Serv)
Domestic Serv Housemaid
Dressmaker, Unemployed
Engine Driver (Steel)
Engine Driver L & N W Ry
Farm Labourer
Farm Serv (Indoor)