Edgerley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Edgerley
James Edgerley
William Edgerley
Thomas Edgerley
Charles Edgerley
Ernest Edgerley
Frederick Edgerley
Richard Edgerley
Joseph Edgerley
Samuel Edgerley
Edwin Edgerley
Alfred Edgerley
George Edgerley
Rowland Edgerley
Peter Edgerley
Henry Edgerley
Robert Edgerley
Piers Edgerley
Louis Edgerley
Albert Edgerley
Jonathan Edgerley
Herbert Edgerley
Thos. Edgerley
Shirley Edgerley
Dan Edgerley
Arthur Edgerley
Alfd. Edgerley
Wm. Edgerley
J.W. Edgerley
Walter Edgerley

Top female forenames

Mary Edgerley
Sarah Edgerley
Elizabeth Edgerley
Ellen Edgerley
Ann Edgerley
Harriet Edgerley
Edith Edgerley
Alice Edgerley
Frances Edgerley
Martha Edgerley
Louisa Edgerley
Catherine Edgerley
Isabella Edgerley
Bertha Edgerley
Harriett Edgerley
Rhoda Edgerley
Hannah Edgerley
Agnes Edgerley
Phoebe Edgerley
Fanny Edgerley
Emma Edgerley
Marrianne Edgerley
Maggie Edgerley
Elizth. Edgerley
M.R. Edgerley
Lea Edgerley
Caroline Edgerley
Hisrebella Edgerley
Anne Edgerley
Rachael Edgerley
Minnie Edgerley
Ethelrid Edgerley
Emily Edgerley
Margaret Edgerley
Ella Edgerley
Madeline Edgerley

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Farmers Son
Clerk In Print Works
Cotton Weaver
Cow Keeper
Agricul Laborer
1/2 Timer At Cotton Mill
Farm Servant Indoor
Fancy Draper Unemployed
Farmer 49 Acres Employ 2 Men
Farmer 80 Acres
Farmer Of 148 Acres Employing 1 Labourer
Fancy Cabinet Maker
Formerly A Weaver
General Servant
Lead Miner
Laborer In Calico Print Works
Laborer (General)
Lab At A Brick Field
Iron Moulder
Housekeeper Dom
Grocers Assistant
Engineer (Artz)
Engine Fitter
Bricklayers Laborer Wife
Bricklayers Laborer
Brewers Tunman
Bleacher (Cp)
Bleacher (Cb)
Beer Agent
Cabinet Maker
Cane Merchant
Employ At Calico Print Works
Domestic Servt Gen
Curate Of Gt Marlow M.A.Cambridge
Cotton Winder
Cotton Cloth Looker
Cook Dom Serv
Chemical Labourer
Chair Manufactuer
Chair Maker