Edgerly in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Joseph Edgerly
Henry Edgerly
William Edgerly
John Edgerly
Richard Edgerly
Noel Edgerly
Charles Edgerly

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Edgerly
Mary Edgerly
Phebe Edgerly
Martha Edgerly
Helena Edgerly
Fanny Edgerly
Emily Edgerly
Eliza Edgerly
Theresa Edgerly
Henrietta Edgerly
Hannah Edgerly
Emma Edgerly
Ann Edgerly

Top occupations

Reeler In Cotton Mill
Railway Lurryman (Ry)
Letting Furnished Houses
Labourer In Iron Works
Domestic Servant
Cotton Throstle Spinner
Coal Miner
Chair Manufacturer Employing 18 & 3 Boys
Cap Maker
Assistant To Book Establishment
Accountants Wife
Step Dau