Edleston in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Edleston
William Edleston
James Edleston
Richard Edleston
Robert Edleston
Thomas Edleston
George Edleston
Joseph Edleston
Edward Edleston
Thos. Edleston
Ralph Edleston
Henry Edleston
Elihn Edleston
Peter Edleston
Charles Edleston
Lilley Edleston
Albert Edleston
Herbert Edleston
Wallace Edleston
Ernest Edleston
Elijah Edleston
Eldred Edleston
Daniel Edleston
Nicholas Edleston
Alfred Edleston
Francis Edleston
Thos.Hugh Edleston
Ern. Edleston

Top female forenames

Mary Edleston
Elizabeth Edleston
Alice Edleston
Sarah Edleston
Ellen Edleston
Margaret Edleston
Jane Edleston
Edith Edleston
Hilda Edleston
Isabella Edleston
Hannah Edleston
Emma Edleston
Annie Edleston
Ann Edleston
Agnes Edleston
Harriet Edleston
Ada Edleston
Ethel Edleston
Phoebe Edleston
Marian Edleston
Eleanor Edleston
Lydia Edleston
Catherine Edleston
Julia Edleston
Annice Edleston
Harriett Edleston
Adela Edleston
Rachel Edleston
Phebe Edleston
Elizth.A. Edleston
Martha Edleston
Eliza Edleston
Kate Edleston

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
No Occupation
Railway Wagon Maker
Farmers Daughter
Iron Turner
General Servant
Colliery Engine Fitter
Laborer (Bricklayers)
Handloom Weaver (CM)
Harness Maker
Iron Labourer
House Keeper
Investments In Gas & Water
L .C.D. Vicar Of Gainford
Laborer At Brewery
Rope & Telegraph Lab
Retired Cotton Twister
Coal Miner
Mill Wright
Landed Proprietors Widow
Smith Engin Wks
General Labourer
Dyer & Woolen Manufacture Employing 290 In Dyeing & 91 In Woolen Manufacture
Domestic Servant
Cotton Printer
Brickmaker Employing 4 Men
Bank Accountant
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitter In Wks
Farm Labourer
Farmers Wife
Farmer 170 Acres
Farmer Wife
Farmer Son
Farmer Of 8 Acres
Farmer Of 10 Acres
Farmer Daur
Farmer (Owner)38 1/2 Acres 3 men 1 boy
Farm Labourer Wife