Edlin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Edlin
Thomas Edlin
John Edlin
Henry Edlin
William Edlin
Arthur Edlin
Edward Edlin
Alfred Edlin
Albert Edlin
Joseph Edlin
Herbert Edlin
Frederick Edlin
Samuel Edlin
George Edlin
Richard Edlin
Vernon Edlin
Harry Edlin
Robert Edlin
Ernest Edlin
James Edlin
Walter Edlin
Robt.J. Edlin
Fredk. Edlin
Fred Edlin
Oliver Edlin
Elijah Edlin
Edgar Edlin
Wm. Edlin
Jesse Edlin
Daniel Edlin
Alexander Edlin
Gifford Edlin
Robt.Wm. Edlin
Geo.Od. Edlin
Percy Edlin
Mark Edlin
Ebenezer Edlin
Willm. Edlin
Gilbert Edlin
Rose Edlin

Top female forenames

Mary Edlin
Elizabeth Edlin
Sarah Edlin
Lucy Edlin
Alice Edlin
Eliza Edlin
Jane Edlin
Martha Edlin
Ada Edlin
Ann Edlin
Hannah Edlin
Louisa Edlin
Susannah Edlin
Julia Edlin
Florence Edlin
Emma Edlin
Susan Edlin
Kate Edlin
Fanny Edlin
Emily Edlin
Edith Edlin
Rosa Edlin
Henrietta Edlin
Harriet Edlin
A. Edlin
Lillie Edlin
Levina Edlin
Clarissa Edlin
Cecelia Edlin
Caroline Edlin
Phyllis Edlin
Harriett Edlin
Amelia Edlin
Maryann Edlin
Mabel Edlin
Lillian Edlin
Letitia Edlin
Charlote Edlin
Sophia Edlin
Catherine Edlin
Minnie Edlin
Alizmond Edlin
Agnes Edlin
Madelaine Edlin
Ellen Edlin

Top occupations

General Lab
Agricultural Labourer
No Occupation
(No Oc)
Pupil Teacher
Bicycle Maker
Farmers Son
Hay Dealer
General Servant Domestic
Lab Shepperd
Domestic Servant
Dom Servant
Formerly Laundress
Dom Serv
Dividend Interest
Engine Fitter
Farmer & Hay Dealer
Farmer 100 Acres 3 Men & Boy
Farmer 192 Acres Employs 5 Men
Farmer Of 27 Acres
French Polisher
Articled To Architect
Farmers Wife
Field Lab
Colour Sergeant 1st Cheshire Militia
Butchers Assistant
Brickworkers Labourer
Beer House Keeper Wife
Beer House Keeper
Bank Manager (Serv)
B.A. Trinity College Cambridge Without Care Of Souls
Assistant Draper
Carter Wife
Civil Engineer
Coke Filler At Colliery
Coal Merchants Lab
Coal Merchant
Coal Dealers Serv
Coal Dealers Daur
Coal Dealer
Clerk To Australian Murcht
Clergymans Wife