Edrich in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Edrich
William Edrich
Arthur Edrich
Albert Edrich
Harry Edrich
Charles Edrich
Thomas Edrich
Henry Edrich
Fredrick Edrich
Benjamin Edrich

Top female forenames

Mary Edrich
Harriet Edrich
Eliza Edrich
Ada Edrich
Rebecca Edrich
Mabel Edrich
Jane Edrich
Florence Edrich
Ellen Edrich
Anna Edrich
Susan Edrich
Kate Edrich
Emily Edrich

Top occupations

Agricultural Labourer
Shoe Maker
Railway Clerk
Of Independent Means
Journeyman Mason
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 98 Acres Employing 3 Men 1 Boy
Farmer 220 Acres 9 Men 2 Boys
Upper Housemaid Out Of Employ