Ehrhardt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Ehrhardt
Guster Ehrhardt
Ernest Ehrhardt
Adolph Ehrhardt
Willy Ehrhardt
Willi Ehrhardt
John Ehrhardt
Harly Ehrhardt
Eugen Ehrhardt
Albert Ehrhardt
Julins Ehrhardt
Herbert Ehrhardt

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Ehrhardt
Dore Ehrhardt
Alwine Ehrhardt
Pauline Ehrhardt
Mabel Ehrhardt
Florence Ehrhardt
Dorette Ehrhardt
Clara Ehrhardt
Paulina Ehrhardt
Lousia Ehrhardt

Top occupations

Cab Driver
Manufacturer Of Watches & Clocks Employing 125 Hands 76 Men & 49 Girls
Manufacturers (Son)
Medical Student
Midshipman (R N)