Eilbeck in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Eilbeck
John Eilbeck
Robert Eilbeck
James Eilbeck
Henry Eilbeck
George Eilbeck
Isaac Eilbeck
Bowman Eilbeck
Richard Eilbeck
Matthew Eilbeck
Thomas Eilbeck
Andrew Eilbeck
Joseph Eilbeck
Wilson Eilbeck
Daniel Eilbeck
Wilkinson Eilbeck
Samuel Eilbeck
Allan Eilbeck
Jonas Eilbeck
Humphrey Eilbeck
Butman Eilbeck
Miller Eilbeck

Top female forenames

Mary Eilbeck
Jane Eilbeck
Margaret Eilbeck
Ann Eilbeck
Sarah Eilbeck
Isabella Eilbeck
Hannah Eilbeck
Elizabeth Eilbeck
Edith Eilbeck
Maria Eilbeck
Barbara Eilbeck
Betsy Eilbeck
Anna Eilbeck
Lucy Eilbeck
Agnes Eilbeck
Louisa Eilbeck
Janet Eilbeck
Sellias Eilbeck
Catherine Eilbeck
Margt.Jane Eilbeck
Lydia Eilbeck
Louise Eilbeck
Leah Eilbeck
Harriet Eilbeck
Francis Eilbeck

Top occupations

Iron Ore Miner
Coal Miner
Masons Lab
Miners Wife
Paper Bag Maker
Paper Hanger
Warehouse Porter Unemployed
Mason Ap
Late Builder
Labourer (Ag)
Paper Maker
Plasterer (Master) Employing 6 Men 1 Boy
Warehouse Porter
Waitress (Inn)
Stone Mason
Servant Girl
Retired Clergyman
Plumber (Journeyman)
Plumber & Gas Fitter
Laborer At Iron Works
Joiner Wife
Joiner Unemployed
Farm Serv (Indoor) (Ag)
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Engineman (Du 22)
Drawer In Coal Mine
Domestic Servant
Cocoa Room Manager (Eating Ho Kpr)
Coal Mineer & Manager Of Coop Stores
Agricultural Labourer
Flax Dresser
Formerly Laundress
Formley Laundress
Iron Miner
Income From House Property & Boarders
Housekeeper Domestic Servant
Housekeeper Dom Serv
House Joiner
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
General Labourer