Elden in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Elden
John Elden
Charles Elden
Henry Elden
Philip Elden
James Elden
George Elden
Frederick Elden
Robert Elden
Samuel Elden
Richard Elden
Thomas Elden
Edward Elden
Pryce Elden
Arthur Elden
Percy Elden
Joseph Elden
Jeffries Elden
Wm.Andrew Elden
Georg Elden
Thos. Elden
Edwin Elden
Christopher Elden
Bertie Elden
Alfred Elden
Lewis Elden

Top female forenames

Mary Elden
Caroline Elden
Ann Elden
Emma Elden
Matilda Elden
Edith Elden
Theresa Elden
Julia Elden
Susannah Elden
Florence Elden
Alice Elden
Ethel Elden
Jessie Elden
Annie Elden
Amelia Elden
Eva Elden
Agnes Elden
Esther Elden
Maria Elden
Emily Elden
Louisa Elden
Eliz. Elden
Lily Elden
Charlotte Elden
Jane Elden
Brittania Elden
Rose Elden
Phoebe Elden
Eve Elden
Minnie Elden
Ada Elden
Margaret Elden
Elizabeth Elden
Lizzie Elden
Eleanor Elden
Laurie Elden
Clara Elden
Tamar Elden
Sophia Elden
Hannah Elden
Rosa Elden
Fanny Elden
Olive Elden

Top occupations

Employed At Home
Errand Boy
House Keeper
Grocer Out Of Business
Green Grocer
General Servant Domestic
School Mistress
General Servant
General Labr
General Carman
House Painter
Inn Keeper And Farmer Of 15 Acres
School Master
Sapper R E
Private Income
Post Masters Assistant Civil S Off
No Occupation
Master Bricklayer & Builder (Employing 11 Men & 5 Boys)
Licensed Victualler
Gas Fitter
Farmers Wife
Farmer 125 Acres Employ 4 Men & 1 Boy
Cleaner At Silk Mills
Bricklayers Lab
Bricklayer Wife
Bricklayer Foreman (Wesleyan Methodist Local Preacher)
Bookseller And Tobacconist
Book Sewer
Barristers Clerk
Bailiff Wife
Coal Miner
Com Clk Leather Trade
Farm Bailiff
Estate Agents Clerk
Engraver On Woods & C (Artist)
Dyers Assistant
Domestic Servant (General)
Decorator Of Houses
Cook (Dom)
Cook & Housemaid