Elders in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Elders
John Elders
Thomas Elders
Joseph Elders
Henry Elders
Adam Elders
Robert Elders
Francis Elders
George Elders
Alfred Elders
James Elders
Matthew Elders
Elisha Elders
Arthur Elders
Frank Elders
Edwin Elders
Wm.Richard Elders
Harland Elders
Geo. Elders
Fred Elders
Percival Elders
Jos. Elders
Edward Elders
Jas. Elders
Issac Elders
Addison Elders
Yeoman Elders
Wilson Elders
Frederick Elders
Richard Elders
Michael Elders
Ernest Elders
David Elders
Isaac Elders

Top female forenames

Mary Elders
Hannah Elders
Elizabeth Elders
Jane Elders
Ann Elders
Sarah Elders
Margaret Elders
Alice Elders
Martha Elders
Annie Elders
Charlotte Elders
Fanny Elders
Maria Elders
Eliza Elders
Isabel Elders
Ada Elders
Rebecca Elders
Esther Elders
Ellen Elders
Lilly Elders
Eleanor Elders
Jennie Elders
Isabella Elders
Hilda Elders
Scharlotte Elders
Hariott Elders
S. Elders
Emily Elders
Elizth. Elders
M. Elders
Lilian Elders
Diana Elders
Cenock Elders
Anne Elders
Susana Elders
Henrietta Elders
Amy Elders

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Iron Miner
Farmers Sister
General Domestic
No Profession
Jet Worker (Lapidary)
Fitter (& Turner)
General Lab
General S Domestic
General Servant (Domestic)
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Freestone Quarryman
Gunner Royl Arty
Housekeeper (Domestic)
Income From Dividends
Inn Keeper
Iron Miner Wife
Iron Stone Miner
Jet Ornament Manu Master Employing 2 Men
Joiners Apprentice
Farmers Widow
Farmers Son
Woodman Wife
Enginine Iron Works (Iron)
Engine Driver
Drilled At Ship Yard (Builder)
Dock Ship Watchman
Cook & Steward
Farm Serv (Ag) Indoor
Farm Serv (Indoors)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmers Labourer Wife
Farmers Labourer (Ag Lab)
Farmer Of 71 Acres
Farmer Of 50 Acres
Farmer Of 46 Acres
Farmer Of 36 Acres
Farmer (Of 132 Acres)