Elger in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Elger
John Elger
Thomas Elger
George Elger
Charles Elger
James Elger
Arthur Elger
Tom Elger
Alfred Elger
Henery Elger
Geo. Elger
Frank Elger
Edwin Elger
Walter Elger
Daniel Elger
Chapman Elger
Ronald Elger
Anthony Elger
Herbert Elger
Harry Elger
Ernest Elger
David Elger
Samuel Elger
Joseph Elger

Top female forenames

Emily Elger
Mary Elger
Elizabeth Elger
Sarah Elger
Eliza Elger
Susan Elger
Emma Elger
Jane Elger
Agnes Elger
Louisa Elger
Ann Elger
Edith Elger
Charlotte Elger
Harriet Elger
Annie Elger
Ellener Elger
Catherine Elger
Miriam Elger
Ada Elger
Maria Elger
Lydia Elger
Elizth. Elger
Lillie Elger
Johanna Elger
Rose Elger
Caroline Elger
Pauline Elger
Gemma Elger
Frances Elger
Marian Elger
Margaret Elger
Kate Elger
Eleanor Elger
Zillah Elger
Jannet Elger
Chrlotte Elger
Isabella Elger
Rebecca Elger
Hannah Elger
Betsy Elger
Francis Elger
Martha Elger
Florence Elger

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Cabinet Maker
Clerk Out Of Employment
Labs Wife
Farmers Wife
Waiter (Dom)
General Servant
General Serv
General Dealer
Formerly Charwoman
Farm Boy
Footman Out Of Employ
General Servant Domestic
Gentleman's Apartments (Lodg H Keeper)
House Maid Norfolk Club (Dom)
Hawker (Tinware)
Grocer & Brickmaker
Governess T
Governess (Unemployed)
Governess (Teacher)
Glass & China Dealer
Gentleman's Apartments (Lodg H. Keeper)
Farm Bailif
Farm Assistant (Ag Lab)
Errand Boy (Mess)
Builders Clerk
Booking Clerk Midland Ry
Articles To The Law
Ag. Lab.
Butcher Helps At Home
Clerks Wife
Domestic Servant
Dock Lab
Cook Domestic Serv
Contractors Clerk
Coal Owner Coke & Firebrick Manufacturer Employing Say 150 Men (Mine Serv)
Coal Miner