Ellender in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Ellender
John Ellender
William Ellender
Charles Ellender
Robert Ellender
Alfred Ellender
Joseph Ellender
Henry Ellender
Thomas Ellender
Samuel Ellender
Daniel Ellender
James Ellender
Frederick Ellender
Fredk. Ellender
Richard Ellender
Albert Ellender
Harrison Ellender
Sampson Ellender
Matthew Ellender
Grange Ellender
Frank Ellender
Sammuel Ellender
Edgar Ellender
Aron Ellender
Horace Ellender
Stephen Ellender
Edwin Ellender
David Ellender
Christopher Ellender
Bernard Ellender
Jacob Ellender

Top female forenames

Sarah Ellender
Mary Ellender
Elizabeth Ellender
Ann Ellender
Alice Ellender
Emma Ellender
Eliza Ellender
Jane Ellender
Emily Ellender
Lucy Ellender
Harriett Ellender
Harriet Ellender
Maria Ellender
Susan Ellender
Rosamer Ellender
Lily Ellender
Eliz. Ellender
Kate Ellender
Clara Ellender
Sophia Ellender
Isabella Ellender
Catherine Ellender
Ruth Ellender
Bridget Ellender
Phoebe Ellender
Frances Ellender
Minnie Ellender
Esther Ellender
Maggie Ellender
Elizth. Ellender
Louisa Ellender
Laura Ellender
Edith Ellender
Charlotte Ellender
Henrietta Ellender
Caroline Ellender
Anne Ellender
Naomi Ellender
Fanny Ellender
Amelia Ellender
Maryann Ellender
Emmeline Ellender

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Ag Labr
Agril Laborer
Cook Domestic Serv
General Servant
General Laborer
House Joiner
Boy 2nd Class
Police Constable
Labourer General
Gardener Domestic Serv
Ldg Seaman
General Servt
Genl Labourer
Genl Serv (Domestic)
Greenwich Pensioner
Groom Domestic Servant
Gunner Kent Arty Militia
House Decorater
Lace Mender
Labr (Gen)
Housemaid Domestic Serv
In H M Navy
Farmers Wife
Farmer of 30 A 1 man employd
Superannuated Policeman
Builders Carter
Brewers Servant
Assistant Housekeeper
Agr Labr
Chanel Pilot
Farm Labourer
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Domestic Servant Dairymaid
Domestic Serv
Dom Servant
Coffee House Keeper
Coach Painter