Ellias in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Ellias
William Ellias
Thomas Ellias
Phillip Ellias
Nathan Ellias
James Ellias
Fredk. Ellias
Frank Ellias
Edward Ellias
Daniel Ellias
Richard Ellias
Owen Ellias
George Ellias
Fred Ellias
Ellias Ellias
David Ellias
Thos.Will. Ellias
Richd. Ellias

Top female forenames

Ellen Ellias
Elizabeth Ellias
Mary Ellias
Jane Ellias
Anne Ellias
Rose Ellias
Haher Ellias
Eliza Ellias
Sarah Ellias
Rebecca Ellias
Margaret Ellias
Isabella Ellias
Esther Ellias
Catherine Ellias
Susan Ellias

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Labourer At Iron Works
Coal Miner
Mill Hand (C)
Mould Warp Catcher (Woollen)
Mould Warp Catcher Wife
Nurse (Hosp)
Puddler In Iron Works Wife
Puddler In Iron Works
General Servant (Ladysmaid)
Ag Lab Wife
Ag Labs Wife
Blacksmith ((No Occupation))
Conductor (Bus)
Duster At Tin Works
Farm Steward (Baillf)
Farmer 209 Acres Emp 2 La 1 Boy
Farmer Of 108 A Employing 1 Man
Farmers Son
General Labourer
Wire Drawer