Ellin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Ellin
John Ellin
William Ellin
Arthur Ellin
Charles Ellin
Walter Ellin
Joseph Ellin
Alfred Ellin
George Ellin
Ernest Ellin
Benjamin Ellin
James Ellin
Tom Ellin
Frank Ellin
Sam.Croydon Ellin
Edwin Ellin
Richard Ellin
Baby Ellin
Joe Ellin
Humphry Ellin
Harry Ellin
Geo. Ellin
W. Ellin
Frederick Ellin
Robert Ellin
Edward Ellin
Peter Ellin
Henry Ellin
Wm. Ellin
Fredk. Ellin

Top female forenames

Mary Ellin
Elizabeth Ellin
Emma Ellin
Annie Ellin
Alice Ellin
Ada Ellin
Jane Ellin
Eliza Ellin
Anne Ellin
Florence Ellin
Amelia Ellin
Martha Ellin
Hannah Ellin
Frances Ellin
Fanny Ellin
Ellen Ellin
Charlotte Ellin
Sarah Ellin
Harriett Ellin
Betty Ellin
Miriam Ellin
Gertrude Ellin
Menetable Ellin
Louisa Ellin
Emelia Ellin
Katherine Ellin
Jessie Ellin
Constance Ellin
Clara Ellin
Savina Ellin
Helen Ellin
Caroline Ellin
Rhoda Ellin
Mildred Ellin
Ann Ellin
Lydia Ellin
Emily Ellin
Laura Ellin
Kate Ellin
Janet Ellin
Clare Ellin
Sophia Ellin
Isabella Ellin

Top occupations

Nickel Silver Spoon & Fork Maker (White Metal)
File Cutter
Bone Cutter
Journeyman Smith (Unemployed) (Bl)
Hunting Knife Hafter
Manufacturers Wife
Mariners Wife
Housekeeper (Dom)
No Employment
Paper Mill Labourer
Schoolmasters Wife
Rural Letter Carrier
Retired Hardware Mercht Wife
Retired Hardware Mercht
Razor Smith (Cutler)
Razor Blade Forger
Private Schoolmaster (42 Boys)
Police Sergt
Horse Driver (Ag Lab)
Horse Driver
Boatman Labourer (Bargeman)
Clerk In N.E. Raily Cus
Cabinet Case Liner
Bone Cutter (Knife Handles)
Bone Cutter (Cutler)
Assistant Judge QC
Agricultural Labourer
Cutlery Manufacr & Merchant Employg About 150 Persons
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Hardware Mercht Assistant
Gen Domestic Servt
Gardener (D)
Fireman On Railway
Fireman (22-2)
Farmer Of 163 Acres 3 Labourers 1 Boy
Farmer 54 Acres
Farm Labourer
Engine Tenter