Ellinger in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Ellinger
Henry Ellinger
Charles Ellinger
William Ellinger
James Ellinger
Edmund Ellinger
Barner Ellinger
Thomas Ellinger
Percy Ellinger
Llewellyn Ellinger
John Ellinger
Fredk.J. Ellinger
Frank Ellinger
Alexander Ellinger
Robert Ellinger
Martin Ellinger
Jonas Ellinger
Frederick Ellinger

Top female forenames

Florence Ellinger
Emily Ellinger
Teleste Ellinger
Charlotte Ellinger
Selina Ellinger
Bertha Ellinger
Minnie Ellinger
Mary Ellinger
Julie Ellinger
Emma Ellinger
Ellen Ellinger
Edith Ellinger
Sophia Ellinger
Bessy Ellinger
Nellie Ellinger
Agnes Ellinger
Mathilda Ellinger
Kate Ellinger
Julia Ellinger
Estella Ellinger
Elizabeth Ellinger

Top occupations

At Home
Apprentice To Lithography
General Blacksmith And Master
In A Silk Warehouse
Merchants Clerk
Servant Assistant
Fancy Stationer
Engineers Wife
Domestic Servant
Daily Governess
Cotton & Woollen Merchant
Clerk In Shipping House
Civil Engineers Wife
Civil Engineer