Elly in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Elly
William Elly
Joseph Elly
Alfred Elly
George Elly
Samuel Elly
Richard Elly
Henry Elly
Arthur Elly
Isaac Elly
E. Elly
Charles Elly
Ralph Elly
Benjamin Elly
Frank Elly
Tom Elly
Edwardo Elly
Charley Elly
Rewben Elly
Bertie Elly
Martyn Elly
John Elly
Harry Elly
Frederick Elly
Edwin Elly
Thomas Elly

Top female forenames

Mary Elly
Elizabeth Elly
Alice Elly
Sarah Elly
Annie Elly
Betsy Elly
Pamela Elly
Edith Elly
Charlotte Elly
Renie Elly
Anne Elly
Louisa Elly
Jane Elly
Fanny Elly
Ellinor Elly
Caroline Elly
Rachel Elly
Amelia Elly
Lois Elly
Henrietta Elly
Ethell Elly
Elizabethus Elly
Eliza Elly

Top occupations

Boot & Shoemaker
General Labourer
C M Spinner
Road Laborer
Retired General Labourer
Railway Signalman
No Occupation
Printers Apprentice
Pork Butcher
Pier Man Cadogan Pier
Piecer C Mill
Office Boy
School Boy (Sch)
Warehouse Serv
Towel Weaver (OTh 17/3)
Shopman To Bookseller Wife
Shopman To Bookseller
School Girl (Sch)
Laborer (General)
Calicoe Weaver
C M Piecer
Book Seller
Beer Retailer
Assists At Home
Ag Labs Wife
Ag Lab
Engine Fitter At Works
Errand Boy
Farm Servant
Joiners Lab
House Maid
House Duties
Grocer & C
General Serv
Gardener (D)
Furnace Man (at Colliery)
(Gen) Labourer