Elvey in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Elvey
James Elvey
Henry Elvey
Thomas Elvey
Charles Elvey
John Elvey
Joseph Elvey
Arthur Elvey
Frederick Elvey
Wm. Elvey
Herbert Elvey
George Elvey
Frank Elvey
D. Elvey
Benjamin Elvey
Archibald Elvey
Albert Elvey
Walter Elvey
Fredrick Elvey
Fred Elvey
Stephen Elvey
Ernest Elvey
Robert Elvey
Edward Elvey
Ralph Elvey
David Elvey
Norris Elvey
Alfred Elvey
Vincent Elvey
Thom Elvey
Saul Elvey
Edwd Elvey
Richard Elvey
E.A. Elvey
R. Elvey

Top female forenames

Sarah Elvey
Mary Elvey
Emma Elvey
Emily Elvey
Amelia Elvey
Ellen Elvey
Alice Elvey
Elizabeth Elvey
Annie Elvey
Eliza Elvey
Ann Elvey
Selena Elvey
Charlotte Elvey
Frances Elvey
Martha Elvey
Anne Elvey
Clara Elvey
Nancy Elvey
Caroline Elvey
Maud Elvey
Maria Elvey
Louisa Elvey
Susannah Elvey
Laura Elvey
Elesebeth Elvey
A. Elvey
Jessie Elvey
Edith Elvey
Rosamont Elvey
Infant Elvey
D.A. Elvey
Nellie Elvey
Harriette Elvey
Minnie Elvey
Gwendolyn Elvey
Blanche Elvey
Matilda Elvey
B.H. Elvey
Lucy Elvey
Liszbyth Elvey
Elisth. Elvey
Susan Elvey
Ada Elvey
Kate Elvey
Elanor Elvey
Jane Elvey
E.M. Elvey
Polly Elvey
Hetty Elvey
Harriet Elvey

Top occupations

No Occupation
Farm Labourer
Linsey Weaver (Cloths)
Housemaid Domestic
Gen Dom Serv
House Painter
Works On Farm
Grocer & Butchers Daur
Gen Servt
General Dealer
Ho & Pr Maid
General Laborer
General Serv
Groom (D)
General Servant
General Servant (Domestic)
Grocers Assistant
Farm Servt (Indoor)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Cement Labourer
Bricklayer Master
Bricklayer (Unemployed)
Brick Layer Employing 7 Men And 1 Apprentice
Assistant (Inn)
Assistant (G Shop)
Apprentice To Dressmaker
Cement Labr
Civil Service telegraph Clerk (Service)
Domestic Servt (Nurse)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv Cook
Domestic Serv (Housemaid)
Domestic Serv (Daily)
Domest Serv
Cotton Weaver