Elwess in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Elwess
George Elwess
Henry Elwess
Fred Elwess
Richard Elwess
Isaac Elwess
Francis Elwess
John Elwess

Top female forenames

Annie Elwess
Sarah Elwess
Elizabeth Elwess
Mary Elwess
Jane Elwess
Clara Elwess
Ada Elwess
Rachel Elwess
Kate Elwess

Top occupations

Son Of Farmer
Ag Lab
Ag Lab Wife
Serv Dom Unemployed
Lodging House Keeper
Formans Assistant (Manuf Coy)
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 460 Acres Employ 12 Labourers 2 Boys
Farmer Employing 3 Men & 3 Boys