Elworth in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Elworth
Thomas Elworth
John Elworth
Cyril Elworth
Bernard Elworth
Richard Elworth
James Elworth
Ephraim Elworth
Charles Elworth

Top female forenames

Mary Elworth
Elizabeth Elworth
Alice Elworth
Sarah Elworth
Francis Elworth
Bridget Elworth
Selina Elworth
Rosa Elworth
Jane Elworth
Frances Elworth
Catherine Elworth
Betsy Elworth
Tarner Elworth

Top occupations

Cotton Piecer
Clerk To Insurance Co
Student Of Theology
School Board Pupil Teacher
Nurs Child
Manager To Birmingham Hardware Merchant
Machine Wool Comber (Wstd)
Ladys Compn Unemployed
Forge Lab (Iron)
Domestic Servant
Cotton Warp Dresser (W Cloth)
Wool Carder (Stuff Mr)