Emberton in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Emberton
Thomas Emberton
John Emberton
James Emberton
George Emberton
Daniel Emberton
Joseph Emberton
Henry Emberton
Harry Emberton
Frederick Emberton
Arthur Emberton
Albert Emberton
Francis Emberton
Isaac Emberton
Samuel Emberton
Noah Emberton
Edward Emberton
Thos. Emberton
Ernest Emberton
Emanuel Emberton
Danl. Emberton
Walter Emberton
Clement Emberton
Frk. Emberton
Soloman Emberton
Fred Emberton
Sampson Emberton
Ralph Emberton
Ephraim Emberton
Leonard Emberton
Edwin Emberton
Ed.John Emberton
David Emberton
Vincent Emberton
Charles Emberton
Alfred Emberton
Frank Emberton
Robert Emberton
Ed.Harry Emberton
Herbert Emberton

Top female forenames

Mary Emberton
Elizabeth Emberton
Hannah Emberton
Jane Emberton
Ann Emberton
Eliza Emberton
Martha Emberton
Louisa Emberton
Alice Emberton
Emma Emberton
Sarah Emberton
Emily Emberton
Annie Emberton
Gertrude Emberton
Ellen Emberton
Agnes Emberton
Amelia Emberton
Harriett Emberton
Eliz. Emberton
Edith Emberton
Edna Emberton
Clara Emberton
Florence Emberton
Ethel Emberton
Anne Emberton
Rebecca Emberton
Minnie Emberton
Albert Emberton
Ada Emberton
Delisha Emberton
Margt. Emberton
Frances Emberton
Caroline Emberton
Fanny Emberton
Bessie Emberton
Lizzie Emberton
Estrudes Emberton
B.Mary Emberton
Katy Emberton
Susannah Emberton
Jessie Emberton
Isabella Emberton
Nora Emberton
Harriet Emberton
Gwendoline Emberton
Dorothy Emberton
Maria Emberton
Georgina Emberton
Lucy Emberton
Betsey Emberton

Top occupations

Farmers Daughter
Shoe Machinist
Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Shoe Clicker
Domestic Servant
Shoe Maker
Potters Paintress
Housekeeper (Dom)
Green Grocer
General Labourer
Boy 2 Cl
Farmers Daur
Coal Miner Wife
Boat Builder
General Serv
Farm Labourer
Factory Hand (Shoe)
Box Maker In Shoe Factory (Paper)
Farmer Of 224 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer Of 205 Acres
Errand Boy
Engine Tester At Colliery
Earthenware Manfactuer
Farmer Of 175 Acres Employ 3 Men 1 Boy
Earthen Ware Manufacturer
Farmer Of 166 Acres
Commercial Clerk
Booksellers Messenger
Boot Binder
Boot Finisher
Boot Paste Fitter
Butchers Wife
China Paintress
Clicker (Boot)
Bar Iron Roler
Coal Miners Daughter
Coal Miners Widow
Collier (Proprietor) (Mine Serv)
Colliery Clerk